Bicycle 2

Sean took this in the summer of 2007, I think.



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16 responses to “Bicycle 2

  1. Excellent photograph of course.

    You could easily get such a bike going again, with a bit of scraping and a few drops of oil.

    • I’d say it’s seized up pretty badly by now, though.

      It belonged to the old man across the road, and can’t have been ridden for a long time.

      I’m typing up some diary entries. On 19 February 1999 I wrote ‘We went by way of the site – I called to the old man across the road, whose name I can’t recall, to ask him if the builders could use the water from his tap near the site. He’s a very nice old man, and invited me in for a chat. I didn’t stay too long, and we went on to Dublin.’

  2. When you think that a new bicycle has such a gleam on the spokes or hub or handlebars and that the frame has such glossy colours but his bike, the one Sean took a photo of, it seems to be caked in mud. I get the feeling it is so heavy as if made from lead pipes. i wouldn’t be surprised if no one could lift it, so dense in mass, heavier than a steamroller. Well that’s the start of a story I might write! (I shall listen to the songs tomorrow.)

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