17 songs

The following are links to the 17 songs I have written so far. Two (‘Sean and Clio in the Snow’ and ‘Come Back and See Me’) have been recorded to a good standard and are on YouTube. The rest were recorded roughly on a device the size of a mobile phone.

We plan to have others on YouTube soon. We have already done some work on recording ‘Nothing But Love’ and ‘Devil’s Bit’. PapaGuinea, very kindly, did a beautiful arrangement/augmentation of ‘All We Had’, which will be recorded properly. I had no idea of the song’s potential till he showed it to me, and I regard him as its co-writer.

We will be getting together with some friends regularly throughout the winter, I hope, and practising some more of these songs – ‘One Way’, ‘Bridges’ and ‘The Heat of Love’, for example – with a view to recording them as well. It’s an interesting project – creative and sociable – and one that helps us to deal positively with the loss of Sean.

All Because of You
All We Had
Come Back and See Me
Devil’s Bit
Gone Away
Hey Sean
July to September
Lament for Sean O’Brien
Losing You
Love Remains
No Way of Knowing
Nothing But Love
One Way
Sean and Clio in the Snow
The Heat of Love
7021 Days



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16 responses to “17 songs

  1. David Hankin

    Hi Brendan, 17 songs! That’s an album! It was very good of Papaguinea to work on ‘All we had’, maybe we’ll get to hear it over the weekend.

    Pauline said she was thinking of cooking roast chicken on Saturday and would I bring a good, sharp, carving knife. She seems to have changed her mind however and says she is now going to cook a chicken curry…..do you think she’ll still want the carving knife?:-))) Maybe she’ll want it to cut the mustard? Or a dash? Or a fine figure?

    I’ll get me coat……….

    Take care


    • Hi Dave … thanks for this. Yes, quite a few songs, and more on the way! I think if we can record ‘All We Had’ properly it will sound really good.

      I think I’ll cook the chicken curry … Pauline is going to do a spicy parsnip and coconut soup, and a lime cheesecake. Should be a good night … we’re looking forward to seeing everyone.

  2. It seems to me that it is more than a project. It is an oeuvre. A work of love.

    I like the happy photograph of the Nativity play. What was Sean’s rôle in that? It looks as though he is about to reply to the reader.

  3. That may well be, Cymbeline. I like the star above and behind his head …

  4. No, he can’t have been a shepherd. The shepherds are seated on the right. There is also an extra shepherd carrying a crook in the background, but he is a painting. The shepherds have got their act together. Mary is fine. Joseph could do better, and so could the main angel.

    Perhaps Sean is one of the three kings, as yet without the ostensible kingly accoutrements.

    • I asked Pauline. She says that it was a kind of modern take on the nativity play, featuring youngsters from the present (hence the lack of costumes in some cases), and that Sean was a kind of narrator or interpreter of the action.

      I must admit that although I was certainly there, I can’t remember anything about it.

  5. Actually, I see both you and Sean as part of a line of Irish kings.

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