Sean’s music 30 … Eagle-Eye Cherry

We found an old compilation CD Sean made … this is on it. It is one of the songs I recall very well from a kind of ‘golden era’ of listening to music with Sean in this room (which Pauline painted this weekend … it’s now white and bright instead of blue), when I heard a lot of artists I’d never listened to before, such as Against Me!, Kings of Leon and Damien Rice. The photo shows him here, on the chair where I’m now sitting, and was taken around the time in question.

I don’t know where Sean first heard this song. I see from Wikipedia that it reached no. 3 in the Irish charts – higher than anywhere else except Cherry’s native Sweden – but that was back in 1997. I think it’s really good, and it reminds me so much of Sean (but then we think of Sean all the time anyway). If I’m not mistaken, he used to play one other song by Cherry, but I can’t remember what it was. He would often play a track and get me to try to guess the artist.

Fifty-one weeks today. We were sad to see Ireland exit the Rugby World Cup yesterday, as success around the time of Sean’s anniversary would have seemed fitting – especially as Sean O’Brien made such a big impact on the tournament.

But it wasn’t to be … never mind. We had a nice weekend anyway. Nothing but love.



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2 responses to “Sean’s music 30 … Eagle-Eye Cherry

  1. papaguinea

    Brendano i don’t know this song but will listen to it when I return from my interview this morning.

    Yesterday I treated myself to a black ceramic Rotary watch. I thoughtI should have a watch if I am going to be working at the Olympics where timing is the essence of everything. (I havent worn a watch for over 30 years.)

    I understand how you feel. An Ireland ‘journey’ throughout the next two weeks would have carried you and Sean on a glory trail. Irish success would have been timely. But it was not to be. So much was promised by the earlier results. Yet you are still family and the dance goes on. For my part I shall support Wales, in the same way as Sean supported Leinster as well as Munster. I read of a great atmosphere at the Wales Ireland game. Please pass my greetings to your wife and daughter. I am thinking of you all. PS I am also wearing some African beads at the interview! I will let you know my thoughts on the song later, as well as commenting again on All We Had.

    • Thanks very much, PapaG. If you’ve already had your interview as you read this, I hope it went well … otherwise I wish you the best of luck. Enjoy the new watch … it’s a long time since I wore one as well.

      I wish Wales the best of luck, although I also have a soft spot for France (where will Cymbeline’s loyalties lie?). I’d like to see either win the final, although I wouldn’t begrudge it to New Zealand as it means so much to them.

      I think it’s hard to see the All Blacks being beaten, although you never know. It’s good to see some Northern Hemisphere teams do well, and at least Ireland’s victory over Australia ensured that there would be one NH team in the final. I don’t think Ireland quite did themselves justice on Saturday, but it was good while it lasted.

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