Ireland 15, Australia 6

A thrilling game, and a great day for Irish rugby … Sean would have loved it, as he loved all the huge performances by Munster, Leinster and Ireland teams over the years. Pauline and I enjoyed it thoroughly, and Ireland may yet go a long way in the competition.

Eleven months today, Sean, and it seems like only yesterday that you were here with us. Love you and miss you.



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6 responses to “Ireland 15, Australia 6

  1. Dave

    It certainly was a fantastic game Brendan and Sean would have been ecstatic to see Ireland perform the way they did today! I was thinking of him while watching the game on the edge of his seat cheering Ireland on! Let’s hope they can show the same passion in the rest of their games as they showed today. There were no passengers today.

    take care


    • Hi Dave.Wales beat Samoa this morning, so if Ireland beat Italy it will probably be Ireland v. Wales in the quarter-finals … tough but winnable. Then probably England or France in the semis. Interesting. Things certainly look a lot brighter for them than a couple of weeks ago.

      Ireland have produced just two big performances this year, but those were in the two biggest matches, so hopefully they can keep that going.

  2. Cymbeline

    I feel uncomfortable with the idea of teams.

    I hate the idea of ‘them’ and ‘us’.

    It’s racism and I hate that.

  3. papaguinea

    Brendano I was able to watch that game on Sky the following morning without knowing the result. I sure was pumping up and roaring. I’ve even had a little wager on the final but I wont say for fear of putting the mockers on. You know I love the occasion of big matches, the roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd whatever … I used to attend the Scotland England soccer games at Hampden Park Glasgow; such pageantry, such fierce loyalty among the supporters, such commitment on the field of play. It was never ‘them’ and ‘us’ – it was bigger than than, more akin to the Danny Blanchflower quote “its about glory!” I think the ‘rivalry’ between supporters in the rugby game is as much to do with mutual respect for the majesty and beauty of the game, more an outward expression of the love of the sport. Whether Scotland won or lost, back in the Prison Officers Club, Barlinnie Prison, the rival supporters (Prison Offices from Barlinnie and Brixton in London would sing and cry in joyous friendship. It was the best of times for me as a young lad! (Cymbeline, it was true that the Hampden game was infiltrated by a handful of racist National Front pea-brained yobs in the mid-eighties and of that I was and am ashamed.But I do think rugby is very much free of racism.)

    Best wishes to Ireland. They have a good following across the world!

    • Hello PapaG … thanks for this. Apparently the atmosphere at Saturday’s game was the best ever experienced at Eden Park … lots of Irish fans and also Kiwis that hoped for an Aussie defeat. You mentioned those Hampden matches before … great days, by the sound of them. That passion in the stands (and on the terraces, previously) is a big part of the appeal of sport.

      For us, it was a great relief to see Ireland leave their poor form in the warm-ups behind. Better to have bad warm-ups and a good World Cup than vice versa.

      Best wishes to England too. Their match with Scotland ought to be interesting. 🙂

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