Sean and Peter …

… twenty years ago, in the back garden of our house in Olivemount Road, Windy Arbour, Dublin … the first house Sean lived in. In the background is the steeple of Bird Avenue Church, where Sean was christened.

We named our baby Sean Peter, after his two granddads. He and they are gone now. Twenty years later a baby has Sean as his middle name, after our Sean.

Life goes on, even if your heart is broken.



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15 responses to “Sean and Peter …

  1. Cymbeline

    Not sure about people being ‘gone’.

    It is very hard for us all. The human condition.

    Meanwhile, I salute this lovely photograph and know that it is a picture of a moment in time within the stream of endless love, a love that goes beyond human bounds.

  2. papaguinea

    Chin up Brendano! A King and a Prince no longer in the back garden, but perhaps in the front garden in the shade of another steeple!

  3. Ciaran Rehill

    Orthodox Jews do not name children after living relatives (in case the Angel Of Death takes the wrong one). I will pray for Sean on my trip.

  4. Dave

    I remember this house and time well Brendan! I have photographs somewhere of Sean in his rocker chair in this garden while draped in a Down flag as they were about to become All-Ireland Champions that year! In fact I think you put us up the night before the game at Croker. I think you and Pauline decided that he would support Down in the football and Tipperary in the hurling. I have a video of him having a bath at this time as well which is quite funny, I think I may have given you a copy of that at some point.

    Take care


    • Hi Dave … yes, Down always used to win the next All-Ireland after Pauline had a baby … maybe she should have had more for that reason alone! We have photos as well of Sean with Down tee-shirt and flag, aged seven weeks or so, in the back garden of the house (we were right next to the (high) wall of the hospital for the criminally insane – don’t know if you remember that). Our next-door neighbours were called Tom and Barbara, like in The Good Life, but we were nothing like Gerry and Margo …

      I don’t know whether we have that video … I certainly haven’t seen it in a long time.

  5. Hello Brendan ……

    I haven’t commented for a while but I have been thinking of you all …

    that light that lit those smiles still shines on eternally …

    all good wishes and love, Marya x

  6. I’m happy to hear that, Brendan.

    All good wishes for Susanna .. lovely for you to be together. I hope the sun shines and you can go for a walk without wellies needed 🙂

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