Our weekend

Mossie, Sean, Liam Óg and Ray

It’s been a busy weekend. Early on Friday morning Pauline, Susanna and I were in Dublin for continued heart screening (so far, so good). Munterconnaught Gaelic Football Club opened its new (magnificent) facilities on Friday night – as part of this, the heritage society staged an exhibition of photographs – mostly old ones of local people, but there was also a selection of Sean’s photos of the area, which drew a lot of interest.

An excellent concert followed – the high point, Pauline and I thought, was a great rendition of ‘All the Lies’ by Timmy, Martina, Geraldine and Kieron. I sang ‘Will You Go, Lassie, Go’ with Noel, Pauric and Jim, plus Caroline on fiddle and Breda on harp. We had a few drinks in the pub, and got to bed around three.

On Saturday we were at the exhibition for a couple of hours, then watched the France–Ireland rugby match and went to Mossie’s birthday party at Virginia Rugby Club (where Sean used to play and I used to coach). We had a great night with Mossie and his family and friends – including Clio, and many of Sean’s Virginia and Cavan mates. Ciaran, Conor, Mossie and others spoke to us about Sean a lot – he is hugely loved and missed, and will never be forgotten. We’re very glad about that, and it’s also good to see Clio getting on with her life.

Aedín and Aoife arrived yesterday morning, and we did some work on recording two more of my songs for YouTube (‘Nothing but Love’ and ‘Devil’s Bit’), which should be ready to upload quite soon. Last night Aedín, Aoife, Pauline and I went to Teddy’s Bar in Moylagh, where none of us had been before, and had a brilliant music session with Paddy, Gerry, Brendan, Sarah, Tommy and others. Our third late night in a row.

So … tired but happy after a great weekend, of which Sean was a big part.



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16 responses to “Our weekend

  1. Great stuff. You’ll understand when I say you are a very lucky family.

  2. papaguinea

    Sounds grand! There is great spirit among you all and music indeed is a great solace and healer and source of joy.I am looking forward to the new pieces and will preview the songs from the ‘originals’ to re-acquaint myself with the tunes. I am missing a session on the beers so your tale makes me dead jealous! Thanks for posting this. I am sure you have many readers who follow your journey and will be glad of this news.

  3. Lovely!
    I’m afraid I’ve come and gone already. This year has been taken up with my mother’s health issues, and I had a v quiet time in Ireland. Maybe next time. Though that may be for a wedding…

  4. thanks a million – we had a great weekend too – great music – an unexpected treat – aoife says hi and we’ll be working on the songs xox

    • Hi Aedín … thanks for the help and the fun, and good luck with all the things you’re doing this week (and the same to Aoife). I’m looking forward to hearing the songs after you’ve worked your magic. 🙂

  5. Yes!!!!!!!!

    P.S: I love the photo! 🙂

    • Cymbeline

      Merhaba Levent. Would you have loved the photograph as much if the boys had been making a parody of bums-up Islamic prayer?

      I think not, but please put me right if I am wrong.

      • Hello Cymbeline,

        I see your vacation was not that helpful 😉

        We have been here before, haven’t we?
        I’m sorry but we do have a sense of humour, we do laugh at ourselves. (We do not do humour in other people’s expense, the British way, wink wink).

        Now in answer to your question. Firstly let me put something right, the equivalent of this gesture is open palms facing up, in Islam. Not the prayerr (salah) you mention.
        In any way, I’d love and laugh at it, if it were done by some muslims in a photo. I say muslims, because of all the negativity I have read here and there makes me slightly cynic and paranoid.
        And you may find plenty of funny videos about praying and other islamic worshipping around the web.

        Once again I’m happy to put you right, Cymbeline.

        You don’t need to thank.
        Oh and thanks for congradulating my Eid.

        Anything else? 😉

  6. Teşekkürler Cymbeline. 🙂

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