Sean and Clio in the Snow (new version)

We had a great weekend with Aedín and Aoife … we did a lot of singing in the house, and they sang in the pub on Saturday night (‘Lost Highway’, ‘Heart of Glass’ …).

As well as singing and playing the whistles on this track, Aedín recorded it … Pauline and I are very grateful to her for all the help. Looking forward to the next time!



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22 responses to “Sean and Clio in the Snow (new version)

  1. auntypud

    Perfect Bob, I have listened to it about 10 times this morning. Cried every time but that’s no bad thing. I think it really is a gorgeous song. Well done to you all – Sean would be so impressed and proud.

    • Hi auntypud … thanks for this. Yes, I think Sean would be very pleased. I feel that it’s the least we can do. Sean was special, and he lives on.

      Aedín, Aoife, Pauline and I also recorded ‘Nothing but Love’, but it was a more hurried effort and I wasn’t happy with my singing on it, so we’ll redo it at some stage.

      There’s plenty more where this came from.

  2. auntypud

    Awww can’t we have a listen anyway?

    Feel free to change me back to AP if you like – for some reason I lost my login stuff.

    • Aedín has the file, and she’s in Spain or Portugal, so no!

      I don’t think I can change you. You’ll stay like that for ever (or until you next lose your login stuff).

      How’s the dog?

  3. auntypud

    The dog is actually not a dog at all…she’s a monkey. Gorgeous but definitely has a strong personality. Still very good at night – she howled for 2 hours 2 nights ago but that was the only time (luckily – you know how bad I am with lack of sleep).

    Won’t be long until I lose my login stuff again anyway so it doesn’t matter. Shame about Aedín going off on holiday. Have you booked in another recording session yet?

    • So far so good with the dog, then. I imagine it would make you unpopular with the neighbours if she was noisy at night.

      We recorded this on Aedín’s own eight-track recording equipment, which she brought to the house. She and Aoife are planning to visit again some time in August.

      Separately, we hope to be recording voices soon to go with the backing track already created by Brendan for ‘Come Back and See Me’.

  4. Hello Brendan,

    I saw your post on Myt. Just wanted to wish you well.
    My best to you, your wife and daughter.


  5. We are fine, thanks Brendan.

    I’m happy to see your mood has lifted.

    Do I detect a new career in singing? 😉

  6. Maybe writing songs rather than actually singing, Levent. 🙂

    I do enjoy writing them.

  7. The photos and the soundtrack are just heartbreakingly beautiful, Brendan.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Araminta … thanks very much! It was a big relief to Pauline and me to get the song recorded and the (rudimentary) slideshow to match it – we managed to find our way around Windows Movie Maker yesterday – as this is all new to us.

      There has been quite a bit of interest in the recording, and a local paper is going to do an article about it, and Sean, which will coincide with his birthday. It’s important to us that his birthday be marked in some way, so we’re pleased about that.

  8. .And yes, of course I will continue to pop in from time to time. I wouldn’t want to lose touch.


  9. Bilby

    A truly beautiful song, Brendan.

    All my best wishes to you and your family.

  10. Shermeen

    Yet another beautiful tribute to your Sean. Very good, Brendan.

  11. Dave

    Hi Brendan, This is very very good! Love Aedin’s vocals and the whistle! She really is very good! Look forward to hearing the next release:-)

    P.S. Our thoughts will be with you all for tomorrow!

    Take care


    • Hi Dave – thanks for this … glad you like it!

      I think tomorrow will be quite difficult. We expect to be seeing a good few friends of ours and of Sean’s, which will be nice.

  12. My best wishes for today. My thoughts are with you.

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