Aaron Q …

… playing my guitar. A photo Sean took of his friend, in our garden at night, some years ago.



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10 responses to “Aaron Q …

  1. For a second I thought they were musical staves running across Aaron’s pullover. Nice picture. I like the contrast between light and dark and the way the guitar rim is lit up! .

    • Hello PapaG … thanks for this. Yes, I think it’s a really good photo. That night I had to shout out the window to them, to say we were trying to sleep!

  2. AP

    Is this the same night that the black and white picture of Sean was taken – in your profile picture

  3. AP

    Bob – I just had a look back at your post the day before Sean died; before the world got knocked off it’s axis. The post is actually quite heartbreaking to read. Everything was so simple, so straightforward.

    You never did post that extract from The Third Policeman – I have the book here if you would like me to type it up for you.

    • Yes, I remember … Sean and Clio were still in bed as I was writing a post about Flann O’Brien. I had picked them up in Oldcastle the day before, after they got a bus from Navan that went halfway round Ireland. I had actually gone to Oldcastle, waited, given up and gone home, then gone back in … at times I could do with a mobile phone.

      Yes, things were very simple. Thanks, but don’t worry about the Third Policeman extract for now.

  4. AP

    Strange the things that make us see perspective…and cruel

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