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As I have mentioned, Sean’s one long weekend as a professional photographer – just over a year ago – was a busy one. As well as Killinkere Jamboree, Kilnaleck Fleadh and three Gaelic football matches, he covered various social events, under the rubric ‘Out and About’.

The ones in the slideshow were taken at a charity fundraiser … some of them look a bit painful.



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Some diary extracts … December 2000 to January 2001

1/12/00 – We got the kids out to school. Pauline went to Virginia, where the kids are doing a show that Anne and Pauline have prepared them for … the show went well, but she and Anne are going to insist on having more time to prepare the kids in future … Maire rang from Dunshaughlin on her way home from the USA – Sean and I went to her house, turned on the heating and lit the fire.

2/12/00 – AJ and Andy arrived, and spent much of the day here – Sean was overjoyed to see them … Sean beat me in a game of chess, which pleased him greatly.

7/12/00 – We had parent–teacher meetings … Sean and Susanna are both doing well – the only negative note is that Sean is often ‘in a world of his own’ and has to be repeatedly reminded to concentrate on his work … Pauline took the kids to Dublin – she had to buy stuff in the glass shop, and was taking them to see The Grinch … I played chess with Sean. Continue reading


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Twelve songs

A few people have asked me about my songs, and I know it’s a bit difficult to find them as they are spread out all over the blog. So, here are the links:

Hey Sean
One Way
No Way of Knowing
Devil’s Bit
Lament for Sean O’Brien
Sean and Clio in the Snow
Come Back and See Me
7021 Days
All We Had
Love Remains and Losing You


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Sean and Gaelic football 5

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The first weekend in June last year was a busy one for Sean (and Pauline, his chauffeuse – thanks to my Uncle Charlie (RIP) for that word). As well as the Killinkere Jamboree, Kilnaleck Fleadh and various social events, he took photos for the Cavan Post at three Gaelic football matches at various grades in Co. Cavan – Cavan Gaels v. Drumalee, Cavan Gaels v. Kingscourt, and Munterconnaught v. Maghera.

Some of those photos are shown above. Sean didn’t have a proper sports lens … he made do with what he had that weekend.


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Kilnaleck Fleadh, 6 June 2010

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As I mentioned in my ‘Jamboree’ post, Sean was a professional photographer for just one weekend, a year ago. One of the social events he covered then was the Kilnaleck Fleadh, a festival of traditional music in a Cavan village. His coverage consisted of going into a pub and taking some photos of the singers and musicians, as shown in the slide show.

When he emerged, he told Pauline (who had waited in the car) that the young woman pictured had sung very well. When she finished, there was a call for someone else to sing a song. Sean said that he had been very tempted to sing. The fact that he was working, and his mum was waiting, was probably what led him to resist the temptation. He could very easily have joined the company and made some new friends, young and old. Continue reading


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Hey Sean

Song no. 12 … this one is a bit different. Please click here to listen: Hey Sean


Hey Sean – are you going out tonight?
Don’t know yet – if somebody calls me then I might
Hey Sean – have you heard the Arsenal score?
Not since half-time – go on then, tell me more

Hey Sean – will you go and light the fire?
I’ll cook dinner and your mum might bake a pie
Later on there’s a movie that could be good
If you’re staying in and we’re feeling in the mood

Hey Sean – now Arsenal have gone behind
Yes, it’s typical – they’re too soft, but never mind
Let’s go out on the lawn and kick the ball
Take it easy, and try not to damage my wall Continue reading


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This is my latest song for Sean. To listen to it, please click here: Bridges2


I walk the room and I walk the road
I have companions to share the load
They’ll be with me to the end
But someone’s missing … it’s you, my friend

The table‘s laid and the food is served
We sit and eat without saying a word
One place is empty, one voice is gone
We no longer hear your opinion

All the bridges falling down
All the bridges falling down
How will we get around
With all the bridges falling down? Continue reading


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