Gone Away

This is song number 14. To listen to it, please click here: Gone Away


You saw us grieving
So many tears were cried
So much hurt inside

Gone away
Because you couldn’t stay
I pray every day
For you

Though it’s hard to deal with the knowledge
That you will never pass this way again
We will carry on and we will manage
We’ll always have the love that you gave us when

You were here
And living with no fear
Enjoying what you did
Making the most of it

The light you brought
The good fight you fought
That you always thought
You would win

This country scenery
Brings back another day
So many games to play

Such as these
Are floating on the breeze

And all the time we had together
Was a wonder and a gift for which I’m glad
The joy you gave will sustain us whether
Times are good or times are bad

Don’t say goodbye
When I can’t look in your eye
And have you grasp my hand
And know you understand

All I feel
All this love so real
That death could never steal



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8 responses to “Gone Away

  1. Yvonne O'Reilly

    Very moving Brendan.

  2. Shermeen

    Good morning Brendan. The words of this song depict profound feelings. It is beautifully moving.
    Forgive my audacity, but I feel the song would sound correspondingly deep if your wife’s vocals were as clear/distinct as yours.

    • Thanks very much, Shermeen. Yes, I agree that Pauline’s voice should be more prominent … she was sitting farther from the small device we use for recording. Maybe we’ll redo it.

      We expect to have proper recordings of several songs on YouTube within the next month or so … I’ll let everyone know when that happens. We have some talented people on board now.

  3. papaguinea

    Brendano, I like this: gentle tune and gentle words (and I can read off the chords throughout!) This is a song that I would happily play along with – there is a lot of comfort in the words and music. Good luck with the recordings.

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