All Because of You

This is song number 13 … to listen to it, please click here: All Because of You

All Because of You

I wonder if I’m doing something wrong
Seems just a moment but it’s been so long
I’m standing waiting to pick up my prize
Wondering if I should apologize

You hear me knocking but I can’t come in
I’ve got to go on back to where I’ve been
The fog is thicker than it was before
I look around but I can’t find a
I can’t find a
I can’t find a door

I wake up and I can’t get back to sleep
I’m rolling over while the minutes creep
I’m waiting for the morning light to shine
The birds are singing and my mind is flying

Can you advise me what I ought to do?
Because I really haven’t got a clue
I’ve got no choice I have to see it through
I hope you know it’s all because of
All because of
All because of you

I go sleepwalking through another day
There’s work to do and then there’s bills to pay
My mind is ragged and my nerves are frayed
It wouldn’t be like this if you’d stayed

The weather’s changing and the day is warm
But then the evening brings another storm
It’s dark again and I can’t see the sign
I find a guardian angel but it isn’t
but it isn’t
but it isn’t mine

Some day soon I’m going to swim that lake
Of revelation while I’m still awake
The fog will lift and it’ll all make sense
And we’ll be happy with the recompense

How many rivers do we have to cross
Till the victory is greater than the loss?
Now I remember what I can’t forget
And what you give is
what you give is
what you give is
what you get

All because, it’s all because of you
All because, it’s all because of you …



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11 responses to “All Because of You

  1. papaguinea

    Brendano – the words read as if they are taken from a classic song – something long in the public memory. I am going to keep reading this again and again because I just feel the tune will come to me of its own accord though I know when that fails I will listen to your song and know that it is your tune and your song. I think the words are masterly.

    • Hello, PapaG … thanks very much! 🙂 I’m glad you like the words.

      I wrote them very quickly to a chord progression I used to use for my own version of someone else’s song, while wondering how to develop two other songs I’ve been working on for a while. I suppose I had in mind a certain kind of ‘feel’ that’s within the rock tradition. Also I like to refer to other songs, and I do that here.

      I hope all is well with you and the family.

      • Yes I see the Jimmy Cliff reference on “many rivers to cross.” Junior is asleep on a chair at the moment so even were I to sneak a preview of the song I am prevented as I daren’t wake him,. My wife is fine thanks .Alas I have a chest infection and that is now being treated with antibiotics. Expect to fully recover in a week but am looking forward to pressing the song button tomorrow! I hope you get lots of feedback on this song.

        • Cheers, PG … I hope you feel better soon.

          Yes, Jimmy Cliff … also some echoes of Dave Edmunds, Joe Walsh and The Jam, unless I’m mistaken!

        • Incidentally, the line ‘How many rivers do we have to cross/Before we can talk to the boss?’ appears in Bob Marley’s ‘Burning and Looting’ … one of Sean’s favourites.

  2. Shermeen

    V v good. Quite wonderful on all counts. There is a very endearing spiritual element in the words.

  3. papaguinea

    Good evening Brendano – I am back in town! Just heard songs 13, 14 and 15 and will comment on each blog. This one reminds of the Beatles song “She was just 17 and you know what I mean” . Once again I find myself surprised that your lyrics are joined to such an up tempo arrangement! I think there is something cathartic about your tender lyrics and such strong (rocky) chord progressions, certalnly liberating! I know this kicks in on E7, A7 and B7 but I’m befuddled what you are doing after the chorus bit – personally I think too much is going on – its a bit clangy! . Are you able to e-mail me the chords?. You know I have the devil in me tor tweaking songs!

    I still think there is another tune to these lyrics! .

    • Hello, PapaG … nice to see you again and I hope you had a good time while away.

      Yes, this one is a bit different from most of the others … I already had the chords and just quickly added some lyrics. I take your point about the clanginess, but I think a better recording/arrangement would take care of that … I do quite like the chords – I go C7, Bflat7, Aflat7, C#m7, F#m7, Aflatm7, Am7. So yes, quite a lot going on! It would be a nice one to do with a rock band, I think.

      • papaguinea

        Wow Brendano – I will give those chords an outing on the piano. I can’t believe you’ve packed that lot in – this is the interlude bit isn’t it …. I mean there are no words being sung to those chords? Anyway you’ve given me something to think about and tinker with and I shall give you some feedback. PS I forgot to say, on this song, that I like the sound of your voice in these higher pitches. I am freed up now from some of my school commitments and I’ll be devoting more time to playing. I will be playing for a small group of women this coming Thursday morning and this may lead to other work as well.

        • That’s excellent, PG … good luck with the work.

          Yes … no words being sung to those chords. They all fit into just a few seconds, and I quite like the sound. Thanks for your comment on my voice … wait till you hear some of my friends and relations!

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