Sean and guitar 2



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11 responses to “Sean and guitar 2

  1. badger

    What a beautiful little boy; I love the picture too; those streaks of sunlight, a time to doze

  2. Shermeen

    Angelic subject and a very well composed photo.

  3. Hello Brendan ….

    A stunningly beautiful and moving photo ..

    I hope you and Pauline and Susanna are well.

    All good wishes and prayers,

    Marya x

    • Hello Marya … it’s nice to see you. We’re all well … you too, I hope.

      I’m delighted to see that you’re still posting your lovely poems and photos on your blog.

      • It’s very good to see you, too.

        I’m well thank you; apart, that is, from a minor injury to a finger which I managed to trap in a door yesterday ..ouch!

        Thank you very much for your kind words re my blogsite .. I’m happy to know that you call by 🙂

        Marya x

  4. What a wonderful photograph, Brendan. It truly is superb.

    My best wishes to you and your family. You are always in my thoughts.

    • Hello Araminta … lovely to see you, and many thanks for the kind words. I hope you and Bilby are well.

      • We are, thank you for asking.

        We seem to be gradually departing from cyber-space, but it is Summer and too much else to do.

        Maybe we will become more involved in Autumn when the nights draw in and gardening and outdoor pursuits lose their appeal!

        • I’ve a lot on my plate too at the moment … certainly lots to do in the garden, but we get even more rain than you do!

          Don’t forget to look in here now and again.

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