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As I have mentioned, Sean’s one long weekend as a professional photographer – just over a year ago – was a busy one. As well as Killinkere Jamboree, Kilnaleck Fleadh and three Gaelic football matches, he covered various social events, under the rubric ‘Out and About’.

The ones in the slideshow were taken at a charity fundraiser … some of them look a bit painful.



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17 responses to “O & A

  1. Cymbeline

    Sean certainly did get around that weekend …. jam-packed. Was Pauline the chauffeuse throughout?

    Some great faces in the photographs. I particularly like the girl in the tartan waistcoat and the young man with curly red hair. I once had my head shaved, but it wasn’t for charity.

    • Hello Cymbeline. Yes, she was … she wasn’t relishing the thought of spending every weekend the same way; Sean would have needed to get his own transport.

      I’ve never had my head shaved, though I sometimes used to get a no. 2 cut, which was close. I’ve certainly never had my chest waxed either … charity begins with no. 1.

  2. Cymbeline

    Sorry for assuming too much. I hate that. It is just that they obviously knew they were being photographed and you say that the photographer -Sean – was a childhood friend. I also thought that they might have seen the photograph in the paper.

  3. Pauline

    Hi Cymbeline, I love that photo too, the one with AJ and CJ in. In fact I’m going to CJ’s house tomorrow: his mother is holding a plant swap sale for our local animal charity, I must print it for her she would love it.
    Luckily Sean was able to make his own way to some of the events that were in town, I remember it being a hectic weekend. I’m certainly glad I didn’t have to witness the mass waxing and shaving. It’s a brave thing to do.

  4. Cymbeline

    Hello there Pauline. The photographs and Sean’s story affect me; how much more then they must affect those who knew him and loved him and grew up with him or watched him growing up.

    Yes, the mass waxing and wailing must have been quite something to behold! As you say, a brave thing to do, but not as brave as you and Brendan. Your dignity and strength are remarkable.


  5. Pauline

    I like looking at the blog and seeing what’s new, they are for the most part my memories too but often from a different view. I am not a good writer like Brendan or you so it’s hard to express how I feel, maybe because I don’t really know myself. I know when I’m tired I will always feel the negative. It takes a lot of energy to stay positive, so it is important to look after ourselves. It sounds easy but it is something that we are learning how to do.
    Thanks for all your support

  6. Cymbeline

    Pauline. People express themselves in different ways. Brendan is certainly an excellent writer. I have seen some of your art. I have seen extraordinary photographs taken by you, and Brendan used to use one of your beautiful glass windows as an avatar. I admired it very much. I have also read world-class poetry inspired by you and I have been given an idea of the beautiful children you raised.

    Yes, sometimes it takes a lot of energy to stay positive. I know that. I know too that it is not always easy to look after oneself when one is in pain.


  7. Thanks for the comment, Cymbeline … Pauline’s out just now. I infer from what you’ve been saying that you’ve had pain you haven’t spoken about online, and I hope it’s not too presumptuous to say that I sympathize.

  8. Cymbeline

    Dreadfully presumptuous. I have eliminated you from my Christmas Card list.

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