Kilnaleck Fleadh, 6 June 2010

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As I mentioned in my ‘Jamboree’ post, Sean was a professional photographer for just one weekend, a year ago. One of the social events he covered then was the Kilnaleck Fleadh, a festival of traditional music in a Cavan village. His coverage consisted of going into a pub and taking some photos of the singers and musicians, as shown in the slide show.

When he emerged, he told Pauline (who had waited in the car) that the young woman pictured had sung very well. When she finished, there was a call for someone else to sing a song. Sean said that he had been very tempted to sing. The fact that he was working, and his mum was waiting, was probably what led him to resist the temptation. He could very easily have joined the company and made some new friends, young and old.

That was our Sean. As Pauline said to me recently, life was exciting when he was around … you never quite knew what was going to happen next.

The Saw Doctors played again at the Killinkere Jamboree last weekend, and the Kilnaleck Fleadh went ahead once more, but, sadly, without Sean to photograph them.



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6 responses to “Kilnaleck Fleadh, 6 June 2010

  1. obadgerostripeyone

    Great stuff. I envy you having all that over there. Sean would have loved my DAT Walkman to go with his camera. –

    Did he ever make the young lady’s acquaintance? I bet he could pull anyone he wanted! But then, from what I’ve seen of his girlfriend, why would he?

    Do you still see her?

    • Hi Badger. Yes, I’m sure he would have liked that.

      He was always popular with the girls. Very charming as well as good-looking. He was tough and sporty but also sensitive … several young women have said that they miss his good advice. So, all things to all people, I suppose.

      We’re in touch with Clio pretty regularly, and saw her a few weeks ago. She lives a good distance from us, but we hope to see her a lot in the future.

  2. Cymbeline

    Hello Brendano. Great pictures of living culture.

    Yes, Sean’s magnetism and charisma come over very powerfully. Even in photographs, I know a charmer when I see one.

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