Hey Sean

Song no. 12 … this one is a bit different. Please click here to listen: Hey Sean


Hey Sean – are you going out tonight?
Don’t know yet – if somebody calls me then I might
Hey Sean – have you heard the Arsenal score?
Not since half-time – go on then, tell me more

Hey Sean – will you go and light the fire?
I’ll cook dinner and your mum might bake a pie
Later on there’s a movie that could be good
If you’re staying in and we’re feeling in the mood

Hey Sean – now Arsenal have gone behind
Yes, it’s typical – they’re too soft, but never mind
Let’s go out on the lawn and kick the ball
Take it easy, and try not to damage my wall

And later if you go out to the town
We know your friends will never let you down
They love your smiling face and you love them back
But before you go, will you play that Marley track?

Hey Sean – Munster didn’t make the quarter-finals
You’d have felt so bad, cos Munster were your greatest idols
But all good things end and nothing is sure to last
We just didn’t know that your time would run out so fast

Hey Sean – you should have seen the Leinster game
You’d have loved it – without you it wasn’t the same
Sean O’Brien is the player of the season too
Do you remember when we thought that might be you?

We never needed much and we had it all
Just some music that we liked and a rugby ball
Now we make the best of life as we move along
With a photo of your face and a reggae song



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9 responses to “Hey Sean

  1. papaguinea

    Brendano, guess what? Looking briefly at the words I just HAD to hear the song first! Hey I bet you enjoyed that … I think all Sean’s mates would really enjoy singing this. I think anyone would enjoy singing this. I felt myself wanting to play along on the keyboard. Its party stuff. Its great. I love slide technique bit on the guitar, the rhythm really rocking and rollin’. And now I’m gonna read the words ha! Excellent and a worthy song for the album!

    • Thanks very much, PapaG … you’re very generous, as usual! I’m really glad you like it … I suppose I felt like a change from the more ‘melancholic’ stuff, and to bang the guitar a bit harder. 🙂

      It would be an enjoyable one to do with a rock band.

  2. ap

    Love Love Love it.

  3. Cymbeline

    I like the ‘hey Sean’ refrain. A popular boy always going somewhere, with people calling to him from all sides. I am reminded of your Portugal holiday photograph. Boy on the move, tucking in his shirt and buckling his belt, not really held for a split-second by the camera.

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