To Sean’s friends …

Our neighbour Andy was here last night with his mum. He told us that some of Sean’s Cavan friends have been listening to my songs on this blog a lot, and singing and playing them, and that they would like to come and see us. I was very glad to hear this.

At Sean’s funeral I said that as far as Pauline and I were concerned, Sean’s friends would always be welcome in our house, whether or not we already knew them. That still stands … we’d love to see them at any time, and talk about Sean. If we can sing a few songs that will be good too, but it’s not compulsory. 🙂



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6 responses to “To Sean’s friends …

  1. papaguinea

    What a lovely thing that his friends are singing and playing the songs you have written; what a wonderful thing it would be for those same friends to join you in singing the same songs – should be some craic!

    • Morning, PG … yes, definitely! It gave me a big boost to hear that.

      I was showing Andy the chords of one of the songs, and found that he already knew the words, which was nice too.

      Many of Sean’s friends have called to see us at least once already. Sean would approve … he always liked to bring people together.

  2. ap

    L has been learning Redemption song so he can play it with you. He told me a few weeks ago he’d like you to show him how to play some of your songs. He only started learning in January so it may be some time. He also knows most of the words to 7021 days!

    • That’s brilliant, AP. I’d love to play some songs with him. It’s great that he’s learning the guitar.

      ‘7021 Days’ is one that I had almost forgotten about. We’re still hoping to record some of the songs properly, with musicians, in mid-July or so.

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