Red door

Another of Sean’s photos from a few years ago … another little piece of his world.

I don’t have as much time as I would like to write about Sean these days … I have another couple of songs on the way, and will type up more diary extracts, and post more of the music he liked, and more photos.

It’s still strange not to have him around. He has left a big hole in the world.



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23 responses to “Red door

  1. ap

    I was going to ask if you had any more songs in the pipeline. Love the photo

  2. He certainly has. Still reading and still thinking about you.

  3. It is good what you’re doing Brendan. I know Sean better each post.

    That photograph shows how we are all sharing in your loss.

    As with Ana, I think of your little family every day.

  4. papaguinea

    Brendano, greetings this bright new morning the 1st of June. Summer is at the doorstep of the bright red door. Music will be with you through all seasons!

  5. Pauline was at work a couple of weeks ago … her office is on the first floor. There was a phone call for her boss, who was in the yard, so she shouted out the window: by mistake, she shouted ‘Sean!’.

  6. Cymbeline

    Hello Brendano. I like this photograph very much. I like the fresh new weeds and the dead leaves. I like the lichen on the rusting corrugated iron and I like the battered colours. Most of all, I like the hole for the messages and letters.

    • Hello Cymbeline. Thank you. Yes, there’s a lot of life and living in the photo. You’ll remember the one of the hand in the dark with the small window … that was taken behind this door.

  7. Cymbeline

    I already knew that.

  8. obadgerostripeyone

    you’ve got a friend

  9. Hello Brendan …

    I, too, like this photo very much … the sharp detail, the faded paintwork, the fresh green . It could be melancholic with its air of abandonment but there is something about that red door that speaks of hope.

    All good wishes to you all,
    Marya x

    • Hi Marya … thanks for this. Yes, someone at some point (i.e. Ned, our deceased neighbour) has made an effort to make it look nice, although it’s just an old outhouse. I like the vibrancy of the (albeit faded) red. The huge sycamore trees behind were planted at an earlier time by Ned, and some of their seeds propagated themselves in our garden, so that we now have some sycamores ourselves.

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