Sunset on Lough Ramor 3

Another photo taken by Sean a few years ago.



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8 responses to “Sunset on Lough Ramor 3

  1. Cymbeline

    Hello Brendano. Another beautiful photograph. The colours match the cider in the photograph of your son below. There is a sense of liquids, colours, skies and people being part of a mystical whole.

    • Cymbeline

      Just after writing the above, I got on a bus and overheard two teenage girls speaking English. I spoke to them. One of the girls was from Kilkenny and had long amber hair, like the colours in the sunset. Beautiful smiling Irish girl spending a few months here on an exchange visit.

  2. An example of the Rule of Thirds being used to good effect.

    (got a new type of camera and I’m learning how to take photographs all over again)

  3. Hello Cymbeline and Badger. Yes, Sean had a real talent for photography. It’s a pity he didn’t have a chance to develop it more. He was barely 16 when he took most of the shots I’ve posted.

    When I first knew Pauline she was into photography, and used darkrooms etc. We lived in different parts of the country and she used to send me letters on notepaper inscribed with photography cartoons and puns … ‘Let’s get together and see what develops’, etc.

    So we did.

  4. AP

    Hi Bob, can I use this as my screensaver at work please.

    It’s stunning.

    And i love the one of the cow as well – Betsy – perhaps you could put that one up as well.

  5. Shermeen

    Yes, I remember this beautiful shot from the other site. One of the very best Sean took at such a young age.

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