A great rugby day …

… as Leinster smash Northampton in the second half to win the Heineken Cup. One of the greatest performances ever by an Irish team, I think, and a truly epic match that never flagged and was a credit to both teams.

Sean watched Leinster beat Saracens in this competition on the last day of his life. How he would have loved today’s final. His namesake was terrific, and it was wonderful to see him in full flight as Leinster turned into an unstoppable force.

I often feel that Sean is still with us. I felt that today, and it was very emotional. Cheers, Sean. Love you.



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9 responses to “A great rugby day …

  1. papaguinea

    Cheers Brendano. I was watching too and thinking of you all and of your son Sean. What a great celebratory photo of Sean to mark this post and the victory of Leinster. I find myself saying “cheers” to Sean as if he orchestrated the come-back from on high! Anyone who saw this game will remember it till their last breath and who knows how the party is for the folks that have gone before us! I don’t think I have ever seen a game quite like it – talk about Field of Dreams – no one on earth could have scripted that game and the end result. “Cheers Sean”. Oh to be in Ireland.

  2. Cheers, PG! Actually, I wouldn’t mind being in Cardiff right now. 🙂

    Thanks very much for the kind words. It’s certainly a game that I’ll always remember.

  3. Christ, Brendano. You really are hurting aren’t you? How are the other two? Thank God you have each other. Well done the lass.

    Give them my love (if that’s not OTT) I think of the three of you often. I just had an exchange with Tony Davies on Goodreads (do you know it? – Look in, Ana is alive and well there) about death in the family and all that. Felt a bit weepy myself before.

    I’m sorry you have decided to leave MyT for good. I wish you wouldn’t.

    • Hi Badger … thanks for the kind words and the ‘Goodreads’ tip.

      MyT is too badly run to be worth while, in my opinion. Hopes of improvement proved illusory. I’ll probably still comment on the Telegraph blogs.

  4. obadgerostripeyone


  5. Rainer the cabbie

    Hi Brendano

    Still, if you change your mind nobody of intelligence would mind.

    But I admit, it is as boring as hell, like a Bierkeller meeting with no opposition, the only one that did breath some fresh air into it was you.
    Also these moderators got a bit silly, chopping comments to pieces is not the meaning of blogging.
    I am sure TUG couldn’t be the reason for your leaving, he is a turd that some flies like to stick to, but also a very irrelevant voice.
    Unless you are a psychiatrist, that is.

    I’ll stay in touch and wish you and your family the very best.


  6. And Sean O’Brien has been named European rugby player of the year …

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