Well done, Susanna!



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15 responses to “Well done, Susanna!

  1. Dave

    Well done Susanna! A great achievement after a very difficult year. Have you started your exams yet? K’s last day at school was today although she has to go in for various A-levels between now and sometime in June.

    I’m sure you’ll do well!

    Take care


    • Hi Dave … Susanna just saw this, before going out to school. She says thanks very much.

      She finishes school next week, and her exams start in early June.

      Best of luck to K as well.

  2. Aedin

    That’s great suzanna – Comhgairdeachas – its a great achievement and more important than exam results – hope you are managing all the study and the political drama of leaving certificate – when I did my leaving cert hipsters were fashionable and chunky heels- but people could still kick you in the bum with them! So hope that’s not happening to you ! (the kicking not the bad fashion choices!) best of luck with all ;0)

  3. This is really something to be admired. The year she lost her brother…
    Bravo strong young lady.

    Congrats Brendan and Pauline, you have every right to be proud.

    Hold tight the world! Susanna is coming! 🙂

  4. Many thanks, Aedin and Levent … I’ll show Susanna your comments when she gets home from school. 🙂

  5. ap

    Huge congrats to Susanna – she has done so well. She’s held it all together and kept her head – I still love the dizzy Soozle too of course.

    I also think with this award there are many congratulations due to you and Pauline too. You have given Susanna the room to breathe and at the same time the support and security to help her do this well. It all goes back to your final sentence in your ‘Acceptance and Love’ entry.

  6. papaguinea

    May I add my congratulations as well! (And a very attractive looking trophy.)

  7. Hello Brendan …

    My congratulations to Susanna … very well done.I’m sure Sean would be very pleased for you and very proud of your achievement.

    With all good wishes and love,
    Marya x

    • Thanks very much, Marya … yes, Sean would definitely be proud of his little sister.

      Susanna has now read all the comments, and has asked me to thank everyone on her behalf for all the kind words.

  8. Cymbeline

    Comhgairdeachas, Susanna.

    I wish you all the best for the exams in June. An old trick; the night before an exam, go to bed early and read through what you are supposed to know one last time. Put the book under your pillow, and sleep. You will be astounded by your power in the exam the next day.

    Anna xxx

    • Hello Cymbeline … thanks for this. Susanna has just read it and says she will give it a try, and thanks.

      I hope your son’s exams are going well.

  9. Shermeen

    Very well done to Susanna from me as well. Nice trophy and quite an achievement.

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