Waterfall 3

Another photo that Sean took some years ago in the Fairy Glen, Rostrevor, Co. Down.



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12 responses to “Waterfall 3

  1. Hello Brendan ….

    Such a lovely photo of a beautiful scene .. you can almost hear that rushing water.It does seem an enchanted spot.

    The red rock is interesting .. I haven’t seen anything quite like that and I love the contrasting delicacy and fresh colour of the fern fronds.


    • Hello Marya … thank you very much. Yes, it’s a beautiful place.

      On his Flickr site Sean captioned one photo ‘The blood red rock of the Fairy Glen’. Perhaps a lichen?

  2. Sean’s friends are still leaving messages on his Facebook page.

    Yesterday Paul wrote: ‘love you dude miss u so much wish u were still with us love you x x’

    And Aisling wrote: ‘i love you sean, you have inspired me to let the little things slide and live my life, i have achieved more in the last 5 months than i have in my whole life and as corny as it sounds it really is inspired by you babe. live life to the full like seany boi! 🙂 loving and missing you always, Ais xxx’

  3. Good morning, Brendan ..

    It must be a great comfort to you knowing what a loving and inspirational life Sean lived … such moving tributes from his many friends.

    Marya x

  4. Shermeen

    Hello Brendan. I like the force of the gushing water in the background and the serenity of the fern in the foreground. As ever, Sean made a beautiful composition.

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