Some diary extracts … June to July 2001

1/6/01 – Sean and Susanna went to the farm later, and had a great time, as usual.

4/6/01 – Pauline cycled to the farm with the kids, and they stayed to help out.

7/6/01 – The kids got themselves up at 7.45, had breakfast and walked to the farm. They have no school because of the referendums … [later] the kids went to the farm yet again … They had been entertaining everyone there by singing Beatles and other songs in the kitchen – Sean even sang ‘Hurricane’, and also did his ‘Yom’ act.

9/6/01 – Martin is here playing with Sean … The kids went to the farm … Sean brought words of Beatles, Dylan and Christy Moore songs, and they entertained their hosts once more.

14/6/01 – I played chess with Sean.

17/6/01 – It was father’s day, and Sean and Susanna made cards for it … The kids mainly played outside, especially Sean – there were a lot of kids around; all the usuals plus Gary Rock and Romy’s cousin, Adam … Sean and I were manoeuvring Eamonn’s long ladder when he got a finger crushed – he’ll lose the nail.

18/6/01 – The kids had their last school swimming session at Kells … The movie [Perfect Storm] was standard action/disaster stuff; Sean loved it.

30/6/01 – Sean went to the farm to get his bike, and stayed to help with silage-making.

1/7/01 – Sean went to play at Martin’s, with Andy and AJ.

2/7/01 – I worked on the wall, with some help from Sean.

6/7/01 – Eamonn took the kids to the farm.

11/7/01 – I learned ‘Love Hurts’ on the guitar – Sean and Susanna took a liking to it, and we all ended up singing it last thing at night.

12/7/01 – The kids went to the farm in the evening … they had a great time, as usual.

15/7/01 – The kids are moving some stones for me.

23/7/01 – Sean rang to ask whether Martin and Robert could have a sleepover here – we said yes.

24/7/01 – Robert, Sean and Martin apparently hadn’t got much sleep. They played outside – Sean had a great time.

28/7/01 – Pauline spoke to Sean in Portstewart – he was planning to buy a fishing rod.



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10 responses to “Some diary extracts … June to July 2001

  1. The grey looks just like Annette, my own horse.

    Anyway, popping in to say good morning. :-)I’ve subscribed again to the site. My previous subscription has obviously lapsed.

  2. Hello Brendan ..

    Lovely photo and happy memories to recall ..

    • Thanks very much, Marya. 🙂

      • Good morning, Brendan .. Well, the sun is shining beautifully here .. I hope you will be able to enjoy good weather too. It will be very difficult for you all to celebrate Easter without Sean ..but it is a great time of hope .. God Bless. My prayers and all good wishes .. Marya x

        • Hi Marya … it’s a lovely day here too. No long weekend for me, unfortunately, as I have too much work, but there’s a lot of singing in the church to be done over the hext few days, plus a pub session on Sunday.

          You’re right … it is a time of hope. I wish you a Happy Easter.

    • Good morning, Brendan ..

      Thank you for your Easter wishes.

      I hope you manage to get all that work done over the weekend in time to celebrate Easter with song and good company.

      Many blessings

      Marya x

  3. Shermeen

    That is a lovely photo, Brendano.

    May enduring peace be with you and your family.

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