Sean took this photo a few years ago.

He would have been very interested in the Champions League QFs, and would have enjoyed Real’s demolition of Spurs last night. He would have been flabbergasted at the fact of Inter conceding five goals to Schalke at home … he’d have shaken his head in a ‘what’s the world coming to?’ sort of way and said that it could never have happened in Mourinho’s time.

He would have been looking forward to the Heineken and Amlin Cup QFs at the weekend. I would probably have picked him up in Virginia tomorrow and said to him, ‘The Leinster team’s been announced’; he would have said ‘Go on …’; I would have told him and we’d have discussed it on the way home. Very often there was some aspect of a team selection with which Sean and I disagreed strongly … Simon Easterby picked regularly ahead of Alan Quinlan for Ireland a few years ago, for example …

And so it would have gone on. We miss you, Sean. We love you.



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11 responses to “Jawbone

  1. papaguinea

    Unusual picture Brendano. Do you have nay more information on it! I get a kind of Moby Dick chill at the sight of it, plus a glimpse of Gregory Peck! Do you know where the picture was taken?

    I have enjoyed (sort of) the footy lately – the Ghana England game was great fun. I’m waiting to see highlights of the Barca game with the real prospects of a Barca Real Madrid semi … unless of course Harry and the boys can win the return game by five clear goals. No .. it aint gonna happen. Real played well.

    • Hello PG … it was taken up the fields near our house. There’s one place up there where there are hundreds of sheep’s skulls .. I have no idea why.

      The England-Ghana match passed me by completely … I didn’t see any of it. Of course it would have been a big one for you. Ghana have a very good side these days, and were great in the WC.

      Commiserations on Spurs’ defeat! They’ve done brilliantly to get this far. Now they can concentrate on qualifying for next year’s Champions League.

  2. This makes Levent sad.

  3. pauline

    Sean Susanna Andy and AJ used to go to the sheep’s graveyard as they called it when they where younger. They used to take bottles of water and food often a box of cornflakes. Ray Mears was popular at the time so they would go on an adventure and come back with tales of being chased by cattle.
    When it was dinner time I used to sound the car horn and 15 mins later you would see them appear at the top of the hill.

  4. papaguinea

    thanks Pauline, I had to look up Ray Mears – woodsman, bushcraft and survival skills! I feel a song comin’ on – “Sheep graveyard blues” or a ballad perhaps! I can picture the bush-children appearing at the top of the hill.

  5. Great wins for Munster and Leinster today … Sean would have been happy.

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