Devil’s Bit

This is a new song that I’ve just written for Sean. He liked his Devil’s Bit cider … someone left a can of it on his grave, and I’m always tempted to drink it while I’m there. 🙂 It’s named after a gap in a mountain in Co. Tipperary, near where I lived as a child.

To listen to the song, please click here: Devil’s Bit

I don’t want to cry, but that’s just how it’s been
Ever since October 17
We shivered through the winter and a bigger freeze
Than you ever saw in all your 19 years

It’s a heavy load to carry every day
But we’ve helped each other out since you went away
We’ve the best of friends and that counts for a lot
But we can’t help thinking ‘bout what we haven’t got

It’s a sorrow like we’ve never known before
We didn’t think you’d be first out the door
From this world we shared where we felt so close and warm
And our love would give us shelter from the storm

We remember our good friends who’ve passed away
And the times we had with them in another day
We hope to see them all somewhere down the line
Where the cider flows and the sun will always shine

We’ve got one foot on the platform and one on the train
We’re hoping we can get out of the rain
And move along to somewhere more serene
And remember what a long strange trip it’s been

I’ve a head that’s full of dreams and an aching heart
I’ve a new world to explore and I’ve got no chart
There were four of us but now there’s only three
And we carry on, just Pauline, Susi and me

We’ve been talking to your friends and they miss you too
They know there won’t be another one like you
To lift them up and tell them not to quit
With a happy smile and a can of Devil’s Bit

You were every bit as good you could be
You never shot the sheriff or the deputy
You just moved on through your world like a rolling stone
You always walked the line that brought you home



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11 responses to “Devil’s Bit

  1. papaguinea

    Brendano I have just got in and have only read the words of this song. I can feel the hurt and the pain and the love; it is such a strong feeling you have, both the love you have and the loss of Sean’s presence. God knows how this tune goes for I wont listen tonight. The words on their own tug at anyones heart strings. God bless, God keep you well and sleep well. This is a good song. I shall listen to the tune tomorrow. Very best wishes from my family.

    • Hello PapaG …. very best wishes from my family to yours.

      Thanks very much for this. I’ve just listened to the song a couple of times and I’m quite pleased with it. It probably has more of a country feel than most of the others. I wrote it very quickly.

  2. papaguinea

    Good morning Brendano – yes, its quite a breezy and jaunty little tune and took me by surprise. I think it works pretty well; if this had been set in minor keys then it would be have been very sorrowful but transformed as it is to major with this ‘country’ feel its almost like a sing-a-long ballad. This is an interesting song with the lyrics as written for one could totally transform this song into something else more anthemic or reflective (musically speaking). Some of the lines you have coined are right on the button – its strange sometimes how quickly the muse comes to us, both in words and song lines. I really do enjoy this song – it reflects well on Sean’s jaunty and friendly persona. Well done mate! Nice pitch too!

    • Thanks, PG. 🙂 Glad you like it. I suppose I didn’t want it to be too sorrowful, despite some of the lyrics being that way. I wanted the feeling of being on a journey, and also to tip my hat to other friends … one of whom died last May.

      I started with the chords … to play a chord of D, I often do a C with added G on the highest string, and just slide it up two frets. I like the sound of it, though there’s a G note in there that’s ‘wrong’.

      Here I have the capo on the fifth fret, as you will no doubt know!

  3. Aunty Pud

    Bob, I love this song.

    Like PG I read the lyrics first and was thinking about listening to it later as the words really got to me. Then when I listened I was very surprised. The tune is so light and it really puts the words into another aspect.

  4. Aunty Pud

    Ha – possibly I did – they learn from an early age you know – it was probably ingrained in his brain from birth – AP and her can of strongbow side by side – trusty pals!

  5. Aunty Pud

    Yes it made me think of Kevin too. The boys are all in Spain this weekend. Jim says they’ve been thinking of Sean and Kevin a lot and talking about them both.

  6. papaguinea

    Brendano – I’ve just listened to that right now (Mon 15 Aug) and it is just the sort of song everyone would want to join in with, all gathered in a pub or club. I bet you had fun singing it the other day – it is a happy refrain. Isn’t it great that so many have learnt these songs!

    • Thanks, PG. One of Sean’s friends (Ciaran) loves it and always asks me to sing it. Aedín and Aoife liked it a lot too … Aedín recorded my vocals and guitar; they have gone back to Dublin and will add vocals and harmonica there, and possibly some percussion.

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