Lament for Sean O’Brien

Another song for Sean. Please click here to listen: Lament for Sean O’Brien 3

Lament for Sean O’Brien

I’ve written one more song about you
I hope that you’ll think it’s OK
I know that we’ve still got a lot to fulfil
And you help us in every way

It’s much better to live having known you
Than if you had never been here
It was brighter by far when we could see your star
But your spirit still shines bright and clear

I went for a walk by the river
And I started to think of the past
All of the fun and the things that we’ve done
And how we thought they would last

You had a liking for deep conversation
You would argue long into the night
You’d a passion for what you believed in
And you always were sure you were right

We forgive you your venial transgressions
There were never bad feelings you hid
We still tell our stories about you
And we love you like we always did

There will never be anyone like you
Your style was entirely your own
You could light up a room by just whistling a tune
You could soften a heart made of stone

I don’t know what more I can tell you
These words might just fall by the way
My thoughts turn to you every minute or two
And I miss you more than I can say

It’s a song that I never will finish
Before I pass over as well
It’s an ache in the place where once your face
Cast its irresistible spell

It’s love that will join us together
Although fate has torn us apart
Whatever new strife may unfold in my life
You’ll still have this place in my heart
You’ve had it from the very start



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13 responses to “Lament for Sean O’Brien

  1. Shermeen

    You have summoned up the deepest of emotion to write this for your son. It speaks volumes to me. It is quite wonderful.

  2. Cymbeline

    Hello Brendano. Deep words of constant ache expressed with raw simplicity. And yet the lament is also a song of love and beauty. It has affected me greatly. As ever, I send you all my love.

    • Thank you, Cymbeline … you’re very kind. I wasn’t sure about this song; I think it needs some work. But the feeling is certainly real.

      The photo is very much of Sean as I remember him.

  3. Marya

    Hello Brendano … it’s a rare gift to be able to translate the heart’s language into words.
    I am much moved by your lament ; my love and best wishes to you all x


  4. Marya

    Thank you, Brendano … your good wishes are very much appreciated.


  5. Shermeen

    Dear Marya
    You too do this very well, translate heart’s language into words.

  6. Aunty Pud

    This is a beautiful song Bob. Very gentle and peaceful. An end of night song – I can imagine Christy singing it.

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