First day of school

Sean was four years, one month and four days old. I wrote in my diary:

(Friday, 1 September 1995) Sean and I got up at 7.55 … He was to start school at 9.45. Pauline got him organized, and there was no problem – some kids had to be dragged into the class kicking and screaming, but not Sean. He asked to sit beside Billy, it seems … Pauline had taken some photos of Sean in his uniform. He got on very well, and came home full of good tidings about his first day at school and refusing to change out of his uniform for quite some time. Pauline and I were pleased that he’d taken to it so well.

(Monday, 4 September) Sean was keen as mustard to get to school in the morning, afraid he’d overslept (he hadn’t).

(Thursday, 7 September) Sean is still loving school … he has a friend called Phillip, and is learning songs, prayers and Irish words.



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2 responses to “First day of school

  1. Aedin

    Hey – lovely to read this – can’t believe it was only 95 he started- i was in secondary then – the picture is so cute.

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