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  1. YES Brendano, your decision is truly the best choice.

  2. One approves;) Happy St Patrick’s Day, though of course there will be one less at the table. La le Phadraig agus beannacht de.

  3. papaguinea

    Smashing! How’s about changing the tunnel picture on “The Road to God knows where”. How about alternating pictures of overground routes, or alternating Sean’s photos onto the overhead blog picture. The same picture of Sean would be a great! PS I am not a fan of tunnels!

  4. Aunty Pud

    Ahh see.. I thought you’d chosen that tunnel as it was a road and as you couldn’t see around the bend on it, you had no idea where you’d end up -hence the road to god knows where!

    I love the 9 eye bridge photo though. Very beautiful.

    • Hi AP. I thought of the name of the blog first, and this ‘theme’, which included the tunnel image, did seem to fit, as you say.

      When I Google ‘Road to God knows where’, this blog is the first return of 410,000.

  5. papaguinea

    Wow! Me like! Fresh air, a strong bridge, slowly moving water and a beautiful image of Sean. (And I like the way the background is shaded, very complementary to the portrait.) Just got back home from helping an 8 year old with English homework. Cheers to your family and Saint Patrick.

    • Cheers, PapaG. We had a good night, and sang ‘Come Back and See Me’ in the pub. There was lots of music. I dreamt during the night that it had all been a mistake, and Sean was back with us.

  6. papaguinea

    Well Sean answered the call of the song; that’s how close Sean really is. But I’m not surprised by your dream, what with the camaraderie and singing from last night.Maybe it is a blessing. May you enjoy many more nights in song and drink.

  7. Beautiful new photo at the top of the page!

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