Come Back and See Me (again)

Pauline and I just recorded this song, which we both like. It’s one that will definitely be recorded with some other people at some point, and put on YouTube in memory of Sean.

Please click here to listen:

Come Back and See Me

I’ve been thinking about you
Since you first went away
Imagining that you
Might come back for a day

Would you come back and see me
And show me your smile?
We’ll play by the rules and
You’ll stay for a while

There’s no need for talking
If there’s nothing to say
We won’t have tomorrow
We just have today

We’ll both pretend that
You’re still alive
We’ll get in the car and
We’ll go for a drive

So put on some music
You can choose
I don’t care what it is, we
Have nothing to lose.

Put on Nirvana
And we’ll listen to Kurt
Or Amy Winehouse
Or Johnny Cash singing ‘Hurt’

We can listen to Hendrix
If you put his CD on
The Dubliners
Or the Kings of Leon

Or Leonard Cohen
It’s still your choice
You like his songs
But you don’t like his voice

Put on some of those old songs
That you loved so well
Like Bob Dylan singing
‘Blind Willie McTell’

Or your hero, Bob Marley
Singing ‘Dread, Natty Dread’
Elliott Smith, David Gray
Or Radiohead

Or maybe The Beatles
Would do for a start
Or ‘Cecelia
You’re breaking my heart’

Put on Led Zeppelin
Jimmy Cliff or Oasis
As we drive past all the old
Familiar places

Where we fished by the bridge
And we played our football
And then we’ll remember
The thrill of it all

And we’ll speak to each other
Without saying a word
And like Lynyrd Skynyrd
We’ll be free as a bird

And we’ll sing to the music
Without missing a beat
And I know you’ll be happy
In the passenger seat

And when it’s all over
We can shake hands and part
We’ll be glad that we listened
To the songs of your heart

I’ve been thinking about you
Since you first went away
Imagining that you
Might come back for a day



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15 responses to “Come Back and See Me (again)

  1. Dear Brendan, very very soulful song and your and Pauline voice are perfect and i understand you and your lady’s feeling very well.I can’t speak anymore..Best Wishes to you and your family.

  2. Dave

    Brendan, Pauline, this is a beautiful song! I can’t wait to see it on You Tube. Love the photograph as well, I’ve not seen that one before! Sunny, happy days!

  3. Shermeen

    Twice as good as the first recording 🙂

    Really, really beautiful.

  4. Cymbeline

    A beautiful and haunting song. The two voices; the father’s voice and the mother’s voice, make it complete, although the song is about not feeling complete. In a way, I felt that I should not be listening to it, even though I know that I have your permission to do so. It made my skin feel different.

    • Hello Cymbeline … thank you very much. I’m glad you did listen to it. We like to sing it, and sing it together quite often (we have never really sung together before).

  5. This comment came in from ‘Badger’ … I’m pasting it here as he may not wish his real name to be revealed, as it would be if I ‘approved’ the comment in the usual way. I’m very grateful for it.

    ‘That is the most painful poem I have ever read. Ever.

    Since my own life has been shrouded in grief for as long as I can remember that it felt so excruciatingly personal.

    A very different story to yours, perhaps I’ll tell it one day.

    A beautiful photograph of beautiful people. What wonderful memories you must have.

    I’m looking forward to hearing the beefed-up version. I don’t know if Sean ever mentioned it, but when you go low you reminded me of Leonard Cohen!

    But then, I’d understand if he didn’t!

    sorry I’m late, but I’ve only just read it

  6. Marya

    Hello Brendan and Pauline …

    I feel this song is a lullaby … a most beautiful and moving lullaby of love.

    Marya x

    • Hello Marya … thank you. I’m glad you like it. I like it, and I’m pleased that we have done it for Sean.

      It will be sung often over the years, and Sean will never be forgotten.

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