Sean and Gaelic football 4

9/4/02 – Sean played about three-quarters of a match for the under-12s against Kill, and apparently he did very well. Munterconnaught had a big win. Sean was very pleased with himself.

20/4/02 – Sean had to be at Boylan’s at 10 for a Gaelic football club trip to Croke Park … Sean arrived home sporting a Meath baseball cap (he supports Meath), having had a great day and very impressed with the size of Croke Park etc.

23/4/02 – Sean had an away match for Munterconnaught under-12s against Knockbride … They lost the match but it was only a challenge match – Knockbride had supplied the (biased) referee, and had been extremely unsporting, wetting the seat in the Munterconnaught dressing-room so that the Munterconnaught players couldn’t sit down, and so on.

30/4/02 – Sean had a Gaelic football match, away, against Ballymachugh – Munterconnaught lost, and he didn’t get a game.

21/5/02 – Sean had his Gaelic football Quarter-final against Arva, away … Munterconnaught lost – apparently the other team was very dirty, and Sean got a punch in the mouth at one point.

15/4/03 – Sean played a Gaelic football match against Cuchullains for Munterconnaught under-12s, and scored two goals and a point – he was delighted with himself.


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