14 October 2010

I didn’t realize till tonight that this photo, along with a couple of others, was taken on the night of 14 October. They must be the last ones of Sean … he died not much more than 48 hours later.

He went to Clio’s house that night … his mum was taking him and Susi to Navan, and when they were nearly there Sean asked her to drive him to Clio’s, which was a good bit further. Clio wasn’t expecting him … it was a nice surprise for her.

Sean rang me from Clio’s … he was making hamburgers for dinner, and asked me what I usually put in mine. I think they celebrated their ‘anniversary’ that night, though they had been together a little over a year.

So, this is Sean as he was at the end. A wonderful young man, who could not have been loved any more than he was.



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8 responses to “14 October 2010

  1. Handsome, loving, and a man. God give Clio the strength to bear the loss. What a picture! So bonded, so alike, so solid.

    • Thanks, pg. Yes, they were a good couple. As I’ve said before, we are very glad that Sean got to experience such a close relationship for a year.

      They spent that night at Clio’s (parents’) house, and the next night (Sean’s last full night) here.

      Congrats to Spurs, btw. 🙂

      • papaguinea

        Nail biting stuff – great atmosphere in the ground, a snug little ground now compared to some of the big stadiums. Yes I would like Barca now – a privilege to play them – the draw tomorrow.

        • It must have been a great night, pg. I watched the last 20 minutes or so on TV … glad to see Spurs go through. They needn’t fear anyone now.

  2. Still reading and enjoying the insight into your memories of Sean.

    I love this photograph, Brendan.

    • Hello Araminta. Thanks very much.

      I really like the photo too … the way they are both looking the world straight in the face. 60 hours later I was ringing Clio to tell her Sean was dead.

  3. She seems like a really lovely person, Brendan.

    They were happy.


    May she be happy again; and you and your family too.

    You cannot forget but you can hopefully give thanks for the pleasure of your son.

    Sorry, I’m so bad at this, but I admire the positive attitude you are taking. It cannot be easy for anyone.

    My best wishes, Brendan.

  4. Yes, she is a lovely person, and I’m sure she will be happy again. Her 21st birthday is coming up soon and she is sad because she had expected to be planning it with Sean.

    You’re not bad at this at all … it is a very nice thing that you and many others, even people that never knew Sean, care.

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