Another photo that Sean took in our neighbourhood.



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6 responses to “Pump

  1. Shermeen

    I will probably say this again, but this is definitely my favourite photograph taken by Sean. It takes my breath away, it speaks to me, I simply love it. Thank you for posting it.

    • Thank you, Shermeen … I know you’ve liked a lot of Sean’s photos, and have viewed then on his Flickr site as well as here.

      This one, like the bicycle one, was taken at the house of the old man, Ned, who lived across the road from us. I’ve talked about him with Cymbeline before.

  2. Shermeen

    Well, Brendano, I can really relate to how and what your Sean saw in nature the world around him and captured it with his camera. What touches me is that he was so young when he had the insight, the talent, the skill.

    • Yes, he was a talented young man, Shermeen. Old Ned certainly liked him, because Sean stopped and chatted to him when other children wouldn’t have. Sean had time for everyone.

  3. papaguinea

    There is a timeless quality about that photo and a feeling for me that Sean recognised himself as being there (on that spot) for at least three generations! It is almost as if it is a landing bay or departure zone!

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