7021 Days

Here is another song I have written for Sean. Please click on the title below to hear it.

7021 Days

Go to bed, turn out the light
We’ll be up to say goodnight
Just enjoy being what you are
A radiant boy, a shooting star
When all else fails you’ll still have home
Even when you move out on your own
In life or death you’ll never walk alone

You never asked for much but you always had plenty
You had all the love in the world though you never saw twenty
You had the charm and the turn of phrase
You never lost the power to amaze
In your seven thousand and twenty one days
Seven thousand and twenty one days

When you walked away we knew you would
Come back one day, now you’ve gone for good
Craic with your friends was your spirit’s food
You were not made for solitude
We always will remember come what may
The boy who touched our hearts and went away
The man who loved to sing and lived to play

‘Chat to you soon’ is what you’d say
To everybody you saw along the way
Your smiling face reflected light
To those you touched on your spirit’s flight
When you can’t see the sun you can steer by the moon
You can sing the same words to a different tune
All I want in this world is to chat to you soon



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4 responses to “7021 Days

  1. Aunty Pud

    Bob, this is awesome. I absolutely love it. Sean would love it.

  2. Seán Ó Riain

    Hello Bob and Pauline,

    I had tried looking at this blog before but I had problems cos I am not used to blogs and how to navigate them.

    Anyway, I have a last gotten a handle on it. I have just listened to 7021 days and I am just at a loss for words. The song is really beautiful but I just wish that you never had to write it. Whilst this might sound selfish but I know you will understand that I never never ever find myself in such a position. Please be aware that my heart just breaks at the the thought of your loss. I got some Bob Marley downloads for my Ipod (as I mentioned to you I am mad about Bob Marley). Everytime I listen to Bob I think of you and Pauline. Everytime. I just wish there was something that I could do. All I can do is tell you that we think of you and feel for you. I had intended visiting in the new year once the roads cleared but I became a little ill and had to go back to doctors etc but all is ok again. I will visit in the near future..but I will fully understand if there is anytime that you might not be up to visitors.

    Love to you both. Seán Ó Riain (Mandoline Man!!)

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