Sean’s music 18 … Cold War Kids

I think Sean first became aware of this Californian band when ‘Hospital Beds’ was featured on Scrubs. He used to play this track a lot a couple of years ago; I associate it with a large batch of songs by other people, such as the Kings of Leon, Against Me! and Eagle-Eye Cherry, that he was also playing at the time – he would often say that he wanted to ‘show’ me a new song, or play something and ask me to guess who it was. Happy days and nights.

‘Hang Me Up to Dry’ became another favourite – I think these are two great tracks. ‘Hospital Beds’ will always be one of the songs that most remind me of Sean – one of the couple of hundred songs that can make me cry, as I wrote in a song of my own.

He had five other CWK songs downloaded to his computer – ‘Cabaret’, ‘Quiet Please’, ‘Robbers’, ‘The Wedding’ and ‘We Used to Vacation’. ‘Saint John’, ‘Robbers’, ‘We Used to Vacation’ and ‘Hospital Beds’ are in his YouTube favourites.



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3 responses to “Sean’s music 18 … Cold War Kids

  1. Dave

    Hi Brendan, These songs, particularly Hospital Beds, remind me a lot of some late 70s bands at the tail end of punk. ‘Hospital Beds’ has a similar melancholic ‘feel’ to it that a lot of bands seemed to have in those days. I don’t mean the lyrics but the sound. I was always a sucker for that ‘sound’:-). I’d never heard of this band ’til you posted this but I’m glad that Sean liked them ‘cos I think I would too. In fact of all Sean’s tracks you’ve posted I can’t think of any I don’t like which is unusual for a generation apart I suppose and more to do with Sean’s wide musical tastes than mine. See you soon.

    • Hi Dave … good to see you. I know what you mean about the sound … in the late 70s we were Sean’s age. He did introduce me to a lot of good music.

      Susanna just said ‘I love this song’ when I put it on again, so it has wide appeal. She’s really into Bob Marley now too … she says ‘Turn Your Lights Down Low’ will be played at her wedding (not any time soon, I hope. :-)).

      I hope you’re all doing OK … talk to you soon.

  2. About this photo: Clio says ‘This is the night Sean sang the rocky road to dublin….myself and all the girls in the pic were in mine and seans room getting ready and the boys were drinking and talking in the living room…Cusker came into us and told us all to come in and listen to Sean sing..we did so and proceeded to hear him belt out the song..everyone clapped when he was finished even though he had forgotten some words it didnt faze him..We had only started off as a couple and he had impressed me even more that night with his confidence and his voice….Love you always Boo x’

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