A photo by Sean.



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18 responses to “Waterfall

  1. papaguinea

    A good place for a baptism! The water so still at the top and so turbulent at the foot. Altogether, a very refreshing photo!

  2. Jan

    Love it. Water, movement, reflections, light. He had a good eye.

  3. papaguinea

    I can imagine those two boulders as two crouching lions.

  4. Thanks very much, PapaG and Jan. Yes, I think it’s a beautiful photo, and he did have a good eye … he was just 16, I think, when he took this.

    He was a promising photographer, and could perhaps have achieved a lot in photography.

    • Hello squid … thank you for this. Yes, it’s terribly, terribly sad. I’m not surprised that there are 500 cases per annum in the UK … we have heard of numerous cases here.

      The CRY charity mentioned in the Telegraph piece operates in Ireland too … the three of us have made appointments to be screened next month. A local youth club will be raising funds for CRY, in memory of Sean.

  5. Shermeen

    I had not seen/read the news in Squid’s link. It is so desperately sad and has brought memories flooding back. I had no idea about CRY or even SADS, I was only aware of SIDS.

    Wish you well at the screening.

  6. Shermeen

    The photograph is of course great. Full of life’s energy; the sun, the gushing water, the lush green foliage. As ever, super photography by Sean.

  7. Cymbeline

    Splendid photograph of freshness and power. I like the double-layer effect of seeing the still pool above the waterfall, and the frothing pool below. Interesting boulders – a monster.

    The scene reminds me of tropical rainforest.

  8. Cymbeline

    I listened to your songs. Clear diamond songs of love and ache. They are beautiful and have affected me deeply.

    • Thanks for letting me know, Cymbeline … I’m very glad.

      Your comment prompted me to play and sing a couple of the songs. I then put the guitar down, face up, on top of its case; a little later, with nobody near it, it made a sound, quite clearly, as if it had been strummed … my daughter heard it too.

      • Cymbeline

        How magical and wonderful. The music of hope, perhaps.

        I was reading W.H. Auden’s ‘Stop all the clocks’ yesterday, and it struck me how you have never wished to put out the stars and pack up the sun. Although your life has been irrevocably changed, you have not lost your love of beauty. There is no defeatist bitterness in you.

        I admire that greatly.

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