Songs for Sean … ‘Love Remains’ and ‘Losing You’

I’ve written a couple of songs for Sean. Please click on the titles below to hear them.

Love Remains

Some notes in order
On a waveless sea
Come drifting across the twilight border
Between you and me
Your voice is unclear, but I can hear
You singing now, wherever you may be
A renegade tune from a cut-throat moon
I wake up then, and this is what I see.

I see you … walking out the door to greet your friends
That’s over, but the memory never ends
Rolling through your life like a ball of flame
The heat and light are gone … but love remains

Now the river is high
By the nine-eyed bridge
An awful lot of water has passed by
Since we used to fish
And a couple of hundred songs can make me cry
But to have known you was a privilege
And you still mean the world to me
Just ask me and I’ll tell you what I see.

Losing You

I can’t wait around for you to sing this song
It could take a lifetime and that’s much too long
I just sit right here and wonder where you are
And listen to your music when I’m in the car

You went and left us, that’s a big surprise
You were so great in everybody’s eyes
It’s a shame

Now we carry on but it’s just not the same
It’s not like having you here for a football game
We miss you every moment of every day
We sit around and wonder why you went away

You were a brother and you were a son
You were a lover and a friend, you were one
In a million

I hope that you can see us, wherever you are
I hope we’ll make you proud of us and that we’ll go far
The house is very quiet and your room still smells of you
We’d love to have you with us but there’s nothing we can do about that

They say that time’s a healer and I hope that’s true
But I doubt that time will ease the pain of losing you



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18 responses to “Songs for Sean … ‘Love Remains’ and ‘Losing You’

  1. I realize that neither my singing nor my guitar playing is God’s gift to music. I may try to get some musical friends to help polish these up.

  2. aedin

    hey there – i haven’t been able to listen to the songs – are there links or have you posted them yet? i’d like to hear them :0)

    • Hi Aedín … nice to see you! Does nothing happen when you click on ‘Love Remains’ and ‘Losing You’ in the post above?

      I can always email them to you in some other format.

  3. Shermeen

    Well, what can I say. Such splendid, sincere tribute to your Sean. Well done, Brendano. He would be so proud of these songs and of you. Do not ‘polish’ them too much, please.

    • Thanks very much, Shermeen … I’m glad you like them.

      I know that Sean would be gratified at the efforts of various people, including myself, to keep his memory alive. He will never be forgotten. He was too special for that, as many people know. We love him.

  4. I’ve listened to both of them, Brendan, and I’m now in tears.

    Not for any other reason than they are both very moving. Somehow more so than mere words.


  5. Bilby

    Hi, Brendano

    Keeping Sean’s memory alive? Yes, you are and others, but it’s Sean at the heart of this and he is irrepressible. He shines. I hope it is a comfort to you now and in the future that your dearly loved and loving son touched the lives of so so many people in a positive way.

    I love your songs. 🙂

    • Hi Bilby … thank you for the kind words. You’re right about Sean, and yes, it’s a comfort that so many people cared, and care, about him. People are still leaving messages on his Facebook page, for example.

      I’m glad you like the songs. 🙂

  6. Clio

    They are perfect brendan…you sing and play so well listening to you was like listening to sean sing all over again…i cryed a lot..they really are great.

  7. Marya

    Incandescent love, Brendan … ‘like a ball of flame’, too.
    Beautiful songs .. I, too, am moved to tears.

    My love and prayers for you all … Marya x

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