Sean … a litany

What was Sean?
Sean was a big, beating heart in our multi-heart world.
Sean was a pulse.
Sean was energy.
Sean was joy.
Sean was newness.
Sean was silver.
Sean was laughter.
Sean was chat.
Sean was craic.
Sean was irreverence.
Sean was humour.
Sean was hope.
Sean was friendship.
Sean was music.
Sean was flow.
Sean was skill.
Sean was sharpness.
Sean was irrepressibility.
Sean was gold.
Sean was a magnet.
Sean was spirit.
Sean was soul.
Sean was intelligence.
Sean was wit.
Sean was strength.
Sean was character.
Sean was flesh and blood and bones.
Sean was openness.
Sean was song.
Sean was elegance.
Sean was celebration.
Sean was gracefulness.
Sean was glory.
Sean was looseness.
Sean was colour.
Sean was mischief.
Sean was recalcitrance.
Sean was pride.
Sean was delight.
Sean was camaraderie.
Sean awas catalysis.
Sean was sleepiness.
Sean was tension.
Sean was bloodymindedness.
Sean was brilliance.
Sean was perception.
Sean was zest.
Sean was release.
Sean was amusement.
Sean was amazement.
Sean was languor.
Sean was force.
Sean was abrasion.
Sean was humanity.
Sean was scepticism.
Sean was sociability.
Sean was connection.
Sean was attentiveness.
Sean was pugnacity.
Sean was courage.
Sean was defiance.
Sean was promise.
Sean was talent.
Sean was artistry.
Sean was toughness.
Sean was vulnerability.
Sean was interest.
Sean was stories.
Sean was edge.
Sean was irritability.
Sean was kindness.
Sean was incision.
Sean was revelation.
Sean was dexterity.
Sean was patience with small children.
Sean was affection.
Sean was family.
Sean was memory.
Sean was wizardry.
Sean was determination.
Sean was tolerance.
Sean was curiosity.
Sean was mercury.
Sean was conversation.
Sean was sport.
Sean was effort.
Sean was effortlessness.
Sean was surprise.
Sean was beauty.
Sean was a smile.
Sean was pleasure.
Sean was roughness.
Sean was talk.
Sean was listening.
Sean was indignation.
Sean was insistence.
Sean was randomness.
Sean was reactivity.
Sean was uncertainty.
Sean was happiness.
Sean was passion.
Sean was rebellion.
Sean was gentleness.
Sean was obstinacy.
Sean was intuition.
Sean was independence.
Sean was empathy.
Sean was potential.
Sean was imagination.
Sean was verve.
Sean was fun.
Sean was noise.
Sean was wonder.
Sean was wildness.
Sean was light.
Sean was love.
Sean was life.



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20 responses to “Sean … a litany

  1. Shermeen

    ‘Sean was life’. Yes, indeed, that encapsulates it all. Lovely photo of brother and sister.

    I was looking at our old family pictures earlier today. So, I see this photo with a heightened sense of precious times spent together.

    • Again, thanks, Shermeen. Luckily we have lots of photographs of S & S as children at all ages. I have hardly any of myself or my family when I was young … it’s good that times changed in that respect.

      Yes, precious times indeed.

  2. He is such a poser! 🙂

  3. papaguinea

    Brendano – this is marvellous, so refreshing, so alive, so bright. I loved reading through, again and again. I shall keep it memory of Sean. I picture Sean racing down that school corridor with a chum at his shoulder!

    • I’m glad you liked it, PG … I’m sure I’ll keep adding to it as more words pop into my mind.

      I’m in the throes of ballad group practice once more, by the way … the competition is coming up soon. Good fun.

  4. papaguinea

    And a beautiful picture of your children.

    • Thank you, PapaG … you’re very kind. Your wife and Kojo must be due home from their holiday any day now?

      • They arrived yesterday morning. The house was clean and tidy. My wife was well impressed and I had tears in my eyes to pick Kojo up. I had kept the artificial Xmas tree for him for him to open his Xmas presents on Feb 1! It was worth it as he loved the lights and decorations. A picture will be sent to you!

  5. I’ve just added a few more lines. 🙂

  6. Hello, Brendan.

    I have been following all your posts and this one particularly made me realise that I feel the same way about my children. They are love and life.

    I was reading this earlier, and although it is a very different situation, I think you may find it interesting.

    Still thinking about you.

    • Hello Araminta. Thanks for this – I did find the Parris piece interesting, and a lot of what he says does apply to our situation.

      I’m editing a book on stress management on the moment. On grief, it makes the point that it’s not the case that ‘time heals all wounds’ … it’s what the grieving person does with the time that’s important.

      We had already realized this, and have several projects under way intended to allow us to make progress in our own lives. We want to develop our own potential and make Sean proud of us, if he can see us.

    • Shermeen

      Thank you, Araminta, just read the Matthew Parris piece. I can relate to almost everything he says and am so glad I got to read it at precisely this time. It will help 🙂

      • papaguinea

        Hi Shermeen. Yes, thanks Ara for posting the Parris article. It is well observed and well written in plain everyday words. I too find the piece helpful when recognising the absence of my parents. Perhaps as love binds us together, so loves binds us apart?

        • Hello, Shermeen and PapaG.

          I posted the link because I found it helpful too. It described my feelings when my father died, so I’m pleased you all found something in the writing with which to identify.

          I thought it was extremely well written. People do react very differently to loss, but I certainly recognised many of the emotions he described.

  7. Cymbeline

    Your love shines brightly, Brendano. It is a strong and steady flame.

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