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Sean’s music 14 … Queen

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[Slideshow shows Mossie and Sean singing ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ one night in Cavan]

Sean admired Queen … especially Freddie Mercury, for his talent and showmanship. I think it’s fair to say that Mercury was one of his musical heroes, along with the more obvious ones such as Marley and Cobain (all three now dead). Queen were probably more ‘mainstream’ than most of the musicians he liked, but Sean didn’t care about impressing anyone with his taste. Sean cared about enjoying himself.

‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ was the Queen song that Sean listened to most. It’s in his YouTube ‘favourites’, and he downloaded the sound file and often played it … he loved its energy and optimism. I see it as one of his anthems; it sums up his irrepressible love of life and of partying with his friends. Continue reading


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Some diary extracts … May to September 2003

Where Sean is standing (bucket on head) is where my wall partly collapsed last August or so ... weakened by years of having footballs kicked against it. I used to give out to Sean for kicking the ball so hard.

11/5/03 – We all headed to the church in Ballyjamesduff for Sean’s confirmation. This went well, notwithstanding the bishop’s dull homily. Sean did a good job of reading a prayer of the faithful.

14/5/03 – Sean and I watched Real Madrid lose to Juventus, to our disappointment.

17/5/03 – Sean and I watched the FA Cup Final – Arsenal beat Southampton 1–0, much to the joy of Sean in particular (officially all four in our household are Arsenal supporters).

6/6/03 – Sean got an early birthday present, to which he had put some of his own money – a CD player. He was very pleased with it.

20/6/03 – The four of us went up Lough Crew late in the evening and had a good time, with Sean doing spectacular slides on the way down.

4/7/03 – We finished constructing the tennis court, and all had some good games later – Sean is particularly keen. Continue reading


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CD photography

Sean did the photography for this music CD. He also took some very good photos for a Virginia-based rock band, which I don’t have to hand at present. Continue reading

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Gingerbread man

Sean took this photo in his apartment in Cavan.


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Sean’s music 13 … Oasis

Sean listened to Oasis quite a lot … one more part of the soundtrack to his life, and mine. His favourite tracks were the ones in the clips below. We bought Stop the Clocks, a compilation double CD, some years back, and used to listen to it in the car. It was one of those that we all liked; good melodic songs from a guitar band.*

I have a vivid memory of driving down our road on a sunny evening in the summer of 2009 with Sean in the passenger seat and our neighbour Andy in the back, on our way to play Astroturf football, with the irresistibly upbeat ‘She’s Electric’ on the CD player. A happy time, with no worries and no notion of what the future held.

‘Cigarettes and Alcohol’ reminds me that Sean was quite keen on both … part of his philosophy of living life to the full. He never smoked (nor swore, for that matter) in front of his mum or me, and we found out only quite recently that he had been smoking for a few years (there are various photos of him with a cigarette). I disapproved strongly, and pestered him to quit. I think he would have, as he was quite health-conscious. He was in a social scene where a lot of people smoked; he would have moved on. He had been talking to his mother about making changes in his life. Continue reading


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One down, two to go …

Another Sean O'Brien

On this massive Heineken Cup weekend. Leinster have just beaten Saracens to qualify for the quarter-finals … now it’s up to Ulster (v. Biarritz) and Munster (v. Toulon). It was nice that Sean O’Brien put in a phenomenal man-of-the-match performance for Leinster.

These are the reverse fixtures of the last weekend of our Sean’s life. His girlfriend and some of his friends are coming to our house to watch the Munster match tomorrow … all are welcome.


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Pictures of Sean (a so-called poem)

[This one’s just a bit of fun … don’t judge me too harshly; I wrote it in about 15 minutes.]

Sean in the pub
Having some fun,
Or at the rugby club
With a medal he won.

Sean looking cool
(A trick of his trade),
While breaking a rule
That his parents made.

Sean in the Manor
Letting off steam,
Or in front of the banner
Of his football team. Continue reading


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