Sean and Gaelic football 3

Sean with Armagh Gaelic football star Oisin McConville - 2 January 2004

20/4/03 – Pauline and I had a four-mile walk, ‘around the block’ – the kids went ahead on their bikes, Sean and I having mended his puncture. On the way, Sean’s Gaelic football trainer, Dennis Nolan, stopped to check Sean’s availability for a match on Tuesday – he says that Sean is ‘making a difference’ to the under-12 team.

22/4/03 – Sean had an away under-12 football match at Ballymachugh – his team won and he scored another goal, so he was very pleased.

6/5/03 – Sean played a Gaelic football match, against Arva, which his team lost – he didn’t score this time.

12/5/03 – Sean had an away match against Knockbride – Munterconnaught lost and he didn’t score, although he hit the post.

27/5/03 – Sean played in the Cavan under-12 quarter-final – Munterconnaught lost narrowly, to his huge disappointment.

19/7/03 – Sean had a friendly match against Carnaross, in Carnaross. He played in defence for the first time, and did well – Munterconnaught won by a couple of goals.

22/7/03 – The under-13s had an away match in Arva and were victorious – Sean was delighted because it was a tournament match and Arva reputedly had a good team.

11/8/03 – Sean had a match for Munterconnaught under-13s against Cuchullains in Virginia – the Cavan semi-final. It was very exciting – Sean played well and Munterconnaught won by two points – the final will be in Breffni Park. Sean was thrilled.

26/8/03 – Pauline dropped Sean to the bus at the GFC. She, Susanna and I went to Breffni Park to watch Munterconnaught play Knockbride in the under-13 final. It was an exciting match, and Munterconnaught lost by a goal in the end, much to their disappointment. Sean played very well.

26/9/03 – Sean played an under-14 Gaelic match for Munterconnaught, coming on as a sub in the second half. Munterconnaught won easily, and Sean will be playing in Breffni Park again. He was thrilled.

19/10/03 – We went to Breffni Park to watch Munterconnaught play Mountnugent in an under-14 final. Sean played full-forward. Munterconnaught won comfortably, and Sean did very well. They were all thrilled. We all went to Lisgrey House afterwards … then everyone went in a convoy to Boylan’s, with much sounding of horns and hanging out of windows – we covered nearly every road in Munterconnaught first … A great day for Sean.

2/1/04 – Sean and Andy were presented with GAA medals in the Riverfront in Virginia, along with the rest of the under-14 and school teams … the medals were presented by Armagh’s Oisin McConville – a proud moment for Sean.


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