Sunset on Lough Ramor

Sean took this photo a few years ago.



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13 responses to “Sunset on Lough Ramor

  1. Cymbeline

    Art. Again.

  2. Shermeen

    Yes, I remember this photograph. Nature in serenity; the flying birds, the ripples in the water … the two silhouettes in the foreground ‘interrupting’ an otherwise tranquil sunset of amazing colours. Beautiful.

  3. Sean did have a good eye for a photo. A week or two before he died I said that he should go out and take a lot of photos of the area, or the garden, or whatever. He said he would. I think he could have made a living from his photography.

    I had vivid dreams with him in them last night. I knew he was ‘really’ dead, but told him it was good to see him. His girlfriend says she felt his presence last night. Pauline says she felt him beside her when she was out for a walk yesterday. For us, this place is saturated with him, as I said before.

  4. Cymbeline

    I do not think that it could be otherwise.

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