Sean’s music 15 … Amy Winehouse

The best compilation CD we ever had, created for car listening, was put together by Sean a couple of years ago (unfortunately it has been lost). It had a selection of music by various artists that went wonderfully together … as I recall, the only tracks I didn’t especially like were a couple by Muse. There were about five Amy Winehouse songs on it (including all the tracks below) – I had never listened to her much before.

Sean wasn’t interested in the judgemental media hype about Winehouse’s lifestyle … as usual, he admired an independent, uncompromising and talented artist. It occurs to me that she must have been his favourite female artist, as most of his musical heroes were men.

He was intrigued by something he’d heard to the effect that she had spent several days lying on her kitchen floor after breaking up with a boyfriend, and would draw my attention to references to this episode in her songs.

Again, the songs remind me of driving to Virginia, with Sean in the passenger seat. Past the Mace shop, and on into the pleasant little town, perhaps to drop him at the bus stop. So happy. So glad of Sean’s company, and so proud of him.



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