Pictures of Sean (a so-called poem)

[This one’s just a bit of fun … don’t judge me too harshly; I wrote it in about 15 minutes.]

Sean in the pub
Having some fun,
Or at the rugby club
With a medal he won.

Sean looking cool
(A trick of his trade),
While breaking a rule
That his parents made.

Sean in the Manor
Letting off steam,
Or in front of the banner
Of his football team.

Sean at school
Looking hormonal,
Acting the fool
With Conor and Donal.

Sean with a small cousin
Holding him tight,
Or with friends by the dozen
In the forest at night.

Sean at home
Is out of luck,
Covered in foam
What the ~*%^?

Sean the ‘stud’
Is growing bolder,
A case of Bud
Is on his shoulder.

Sean with an invention
That I can’t even mention
On this blog,
Or playing with a dog.

Sean with a grin
All over his chin,
Sitting in Fay’s
Those Virginia days.

Sean in Hampton Court
Having excellent sport
With the girls and boys
And all of life’s joys.

Sean in Spain
Laughing like a drain,
Staying out till dawn …
Yes, that’s our Sean. 🙂



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11 responses to “Pictures of Sean (a so-called poem)

  1. papaguinea

    Roll me a ball; I like it! (I bet spinning those lines has put a smile on your face.)

  2. Hello Brendan,

    Not appropriate here but your poem reminded this one:

    No not having a go at you.

  3. Clio

    Hi brendano I love the so called poem it suits sean down to the last…And what an amazing Leinster match was watching it on my break from a double shift at work..Sean O Brien played a stormer

    • Hi Clio … great to see you on my blog! Yes, we really enjoyed the Leinster match … looking forward to the Munster one now, and to seeing you and the others. I bumped into Kieran (Tunt) the other day … I think he and a few friends may be here tomorrow too.

      I’m glad you like the so-called poem … it was just an impulse I had to lighten the mood a bit. 🙂

      • Clio

        i really enjoyed it wow thats good new oh tunt yes that would be nice God you could have a full house tomorrow before you know it. I’m looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow and i’m a little bit nervous for Munster tomorrow but also quite confident they will play well..Sean always taught me that when i’m supporting a team its good to anticipate they play well rather then a win therefore no disappointment and you can focus on the teams strong points.

        • We don’t mind having a full house, and there’s plenty of beer! The only thing is, the sitting room is quite small, as you know. Still, I’m sure we’ll all squeeze in.

          I’m nervous for Munster too … I hope their scrum will be better than it was against Ospreys. They’ve often produced huge performances when their backs were against the wall, like tomorrow, so I’m quite hopeful.

          Sean could be very philosophical at times. 🙂

          Olivia is here at the moment … our next-door neighbour when we lived in Dublin. She and Susi are going to a party.

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