Sean’s music 12 … Guns N’ Roses

We had a Guns N’ Roses (odd punctuation of band’s name isn’t mine) Greatest Hits CD some years ago … Sean listened to it a lot, and to the band sporadically afterwards. I also liked much of their stuff … the music was overblown, the videos clichéd and self-indulgent as only Americans can be, the rock & roll excess laid on with a trowel, the hair big … they approached self-parody a la Spinal Tap but never quite got there. Still, they were seriously talented and they knew how to rock, and that was good enough for Sean and for me.

My favourite track was and is ‘November Rain’ … ‘power ballads’ don’t come much more poignant, in my humble opinion. I like the melancholy mood of it. Sean remembered this, and played it for me from time to time.

And really, there isn’t much more to be said about Guns N’ Roses … but there’s plenty more to be said about Sean.


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  1. I was told that I looked a bit like Axl Rose (anagram for Oral Sex). Or Putin.

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