Poem for Sean 2 … Twelve Weeks On

What I feel about you
By words cannot be caught,
Because I was closer to you
Than the word is to the thought,
Than the hand is to the glove,
Than muscle is to skin.

One blood, one love …
For ever flowing out
And flowing in.



Filed under Death, Philosophy of life, Poems

14 responses to “Poem for Sean 2 … Twelve Weeks On

  1. Cymbeline

    Your plain language conveys a part of what words cannot catch. But you are not speaking to a reader, you are speaking to yourself.

    Thank you for trusting your readers with this poem.

  2. Thank you, Cymbeline. I was watching The Kite Runner on TV last night – an emotional film, and a very good one, I thought – and composing this in my head at the same time.

  3. Marya

    Good evening , Brendan .. the brevity of your beautiful poem speaks powerfully …. it is pain condensed.

    I feel privileged that you shared these thoughts.

    Marya x

  4. Beautiful, Brendan. Have it carved in stone somewhere people can read it and know how much Sean was loved.

    • Hello Jan … thanks very much for the kind words. I was quite pleased with this effort – short and to the point, I think. There is always the difficulty of trying to say things that can’t really be said.

      I hope you’re keeping well.

  5. Thank you, I’m fine. 🙂 You touched these people here with your words. Can’t do better than that.

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