Some tributes to Sean

Many, many people have paid tribute to Sean in writing, on Facebook and elsewhere. The following are a few of the comments – I’m presenting them anonymously, and hope those that made them won’t mind.

(A teacher) Sean was probably in 3rd Year when I retired in 2006. He was a good student and struck me as a young person who was capable of forming his own opinions and thinking for himself. He would sometimes query things but it must be borne in mind that the school’s motto was – and is – ‘Knowledge begins with questioning’.

(A male friend) RIP Sean O’Brien, a true friend to all who knew him and who always had a smile for everyone even if they didn’t. A man who had an infinite capacity to forgive and forget and always looked on the bright side of life. You will be sorely missed by so many people. (152 ‘likes’ on Facebook)

(A male friend) Sean was such an amazing person. He had the most amazing character in the world, and everyone knew it. Sean meant the world to me and all my family. He will always be in my thoughts.

(A female friend) I did love you, like a brother. You annoyed me like a brother but I really loved you and I know you loved me too.

(A tutor at Cavan Institute) We admired his work. His work was excellent. We will always remember his happy and cheerful face.

(The small nephew of a friend) To Sean: I hope you will be OK in heaven. I will never forget you. I will miss playing football with you.

(A female relative) Got to love how you were always up for a good time & we’ll definitely miss your party hard attitude.

(An American visitor) I am deeply saddened to hear about Sean. I remember him as a brilliant, beautiful young man … Sean’s nature was one of joyful energy, that was clear in the days that we met.

(A male friend) I wish this wasn’t happening, you’re like my brother-in-arms, my best friend, no matter what happened you were always there for me. I will miss you so much Sean, there will never be anyone else quite like you. Love you brother.

(A female relative) I always looked up to you, I’m sure you knew that, as a kid I was like your little stalker. You’ve helped me through the good times and the bad. As the oldest I knew you’d be there for me thick and thin and I know you always will be. You’ve given this family some amazing times and taught me loads. But most importantly, Granddad’s funeral: I remember looking round at you crying. You taught me the meaning of strength that day. I will always admire and look up to you. You’re the protector and we will all love you forever and for always.

(A male friend) dis is a dude i was jelous of, he was such a livly guy n so out goin, twice de man i am, il miss him deeply, he made me realise u make ur own fun n u hav my eternal thnx for tha Sean,, luk in on us from time 2 time xXx



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6 responses to “Some tributes to Sean

  1. Brendano, these comments all attribute a really human kind of quality to Sean. I know I would have liked him loads. These comments make me like him now! Are you sure Sean wasn’t the Catcher in the Rye!

    • Actually, PG, I have never read that book!

      Yes, Sean was very likeable and lovable. He wasn’t a saint, as I have said before, but he was loyal and passionate, and great company.

  2. Cymbeline

    A range of people who knew your son, speaking from their hearts. A boy of fine character, with the looks of a film-star. That photograph is the photograph of an extremely handsome and charismatic boy.

    • Thank you, Cymbeline. Some recent photos of Sean have come to light … not good quality, but they show how handsome he was. I will post them.

      Sometimes a particular expression of his in a photo can really bring him back.

  3. Mary Darmody

    it was touching to read all the beautiful things that people said about Sean. he seemed to have touched a lot of lives and his friends seem so sincere in their praise and appraisal of his short life.

    • Yes, Mary. I’ve just been going through some old diaries and noting bits for future posts about Sean. I want this blog to provide some kind of record of his life.

      Thanks for the comment, and I hope we’ll be seeing you soon.

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