Sean as wedding guest … September 1996

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19 responses to “Sean as wedding guest … September 1996

  1. Cymbeline

    Brendano. Love, celebration, dancing, elegance, different generations together…. and a little boy enjoying it all.

    I feel sad looking at these photographs and thinking about the words to do with marriage in the last post you wrote.

    • Hello Cymbeline … thank you. Yes, it’s a cruel world.

      A couple of Sean’s cousins, also small children at that wedding, are visiting us at the moment, along with their parents. Plenty of good memories – it’s a pity Sean’s not here to enjoy them.

  2. papaguinea

    Brendano – we look at those pictures but don’t hear the music. We don’t hear the fun, the children’s laughter. You can remember the music and the gaiety. It is sad for me to see these pictures because I don’t hear the music. They are enchanting pictures and those memories are alive in your heart and in your soul. Sean is part of that; he is part of the music of your time. It has gone past 12. Another day and it will be the New Year. How you must wish you could re-wind the clocks but we must move forward and you must think of Sean with you, but unseen. May God be with you tonight and tomorrow night to steer you round this corner. May love shine through your family in 2011.

    • Thank you very much, PapaG, and a Happy New Year to you and your family. Your words do help. There is life to be lived and a lot to look forward to, always.

      We had a good session of music and singing in the house last night.

  3. I could never see the world as before after the birth of my son. I guess the loss of a son forces one to see other aspects that are hidden to others.
    As we together said on some occasions Brendan, nothing happens without a reason. If you look at Prophets’ or Saints’ lives yo will see suffering. Even the most beautiful and magnificent event of world, birth, has suffering just before it. Sean now is at better hands. And I believe and hope that this loss will help your journey of your soul. God Bless you, your wife and daughter.

    My best wishes for a happy new year.

    Your friend Levent

    • Thank you very much, Levent … these thoughts help too, and make a lot of sense.

      Thanks for all your comments on my blog, and a Happy New Year to you and your family.

  4. Bilby

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos and memories of Sean, Brendan. I’m really bad at trying to say what I mean, but my thoughts are with you.

    I wish all the best to you and your family for the New Year.

  5. Marya

    Hello Brendan … Sweet glimpses of Sean on a day of joyful celebration ..
    I am thinking of you all on this the last day of the year. May the New Year bring peace to your hearts and the continuance of the strength to face the future with hope in the different world you now inhabit .. God Bless,

    Marya x

  6. Many thanks, Marya. I wish you a happy 2011 as well.

  7. Cymbeline

    Dearest Brendan, like all the people on this blog, and no doubt hundreds and hundreds of others, I am thinking of you and your family on this New Years Eve. I know that you will be wishing that your bright and beautiful son could be enjoying the festivities.


  8. Yes, indeed, you are in my thoughts, Brendan.

    I do wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.

    I am sure that Sean will feature in your thoughts this evening and rightly so.

    He will be with you, in your memories and thoughts, and I hope they will be happy ones, by and large, but I’m sure you all miss him dreadfully.

    My very best wishes, and apologies for my inability to express what I feel.

  9. Rainer the cabbie

    Happy New Year Brendan, family and fellow bloggers.
    One thing that can be certain for you Brendano is that 2011 must be a better year than the previous.
    My best wishes to all.

    P.S. It is the new year already here Down Under and Cracker Night in Sydney was spectacular again.

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