Lough Ramor … one of Sean’s



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37 responses to “Lough Ramor … one of Sean’s

  1. Cymbeline

    Travail d’artiste. Ecriture dans les roseaux.

  2. Yes … like a child’s scribbles on the water.

  3. Cymbeline

    Disagree. It is not scribbling.

  4. Cymbeline

    Nothing wrong with scribbling. There is no ‘bad way’ to scribbling.

    This is just not scribbling, that is all.

    The line in front is writing per se.

    The hedges of lines behind, are the writing behind the writing. The thoughts being thunk and beginning to be put into written words. Perhaps a poem in the process of being written.

  5. Cymbeline

    I like the pink. Last night I took my children to a restaurant. The walls were covered with competent and careful paintings by a boring local artist. Each painting had a sticker, and over our meal we agreed that the best painting was the one in which he had gone a bit wild with the pink.

    We would not have bought it though.

  6. Cymbeline

    The proper writing in the foreground says this :

    ‘If you go to Fiji, you can catch fish, and much, much more’.

    • 🙂 Sean was a big fan of Fijian rugby.

      • Cymbeline

        Fiji played in Nantes a few weeks ago. Daughter had a conversation with Fijian rugby chap in the street. Due to her being pretty, although she plays rugby too. Younger son (12) was supposed to meet the Fijian team with his rugby club, and that was a HUGE event for him – but because he could not change into rugby gear (he was locked out of the flat), he did not go to the party.

        • Cymbeline

          He cried bitter tears.

        • That was a real shame, Cymbeline. I can imagine how disappointed Sean would have been.

          We always cheered for Fiji in seven-a-side rugby, and loved to see them do well in 15-a-side too.

        • Cymbeline

          The thing is that he wasn’t locked out. New place, and a key he did not know how to use. As you know, we have not been in this city for long, and he is only 12. He came on his bike searching for where I work , and was told that I was unavailable. He could have gone to the Fiji rencontre in ordinary clothes, of course. But he wanted to change and wear rugby kit like the others.

          He missed it.

        • Poor boy … that was tough. I’m not surprised that he cried.

          I’m off to bed … goodnight.

        • Cymbeline

          I do not think that the situation was particularly tough.

          My children are used to different languages and cultures and countries, and having to work things out for themselves.

        • I just meant it was tough that he needlessly missed out on meeting the Fijians.

    • Cymbeline

      And yes, it was a real upset. A shame in that sense.

      You understand.

  7. It is a truly amazing picture, Brendan.

    Sean really had a talent for communicating through his photographs.

    Different interpretations, but one can read into it what one feels.

  8. Marya

    Good morning, Brendan … I think this photo is exquisite … I love the soft gradations of colour and the tranquillity accentuated by the spikiness of the reed stems. Yes, like writing and also like erratic oscillations on a graph of beauty ..

    Marya x

  9. Good morning, Marya … thanks for this; as you’re an excellent photographer yourself it’s particularly gratifying.

    The more I look at the photo, the more I like it. The land is Munterconnaught, where we live, viewed from the northern Lough Ramor shore.

  10. Marya

    Thank you very much for such a compliment, Brendan ..

    It’s a scene one would never tire of looking upon .. timeless beauty; meditative in mood.

    What a joy and a blessing it is to live in an area of such natural delights .. the gentle and subtle consolations of beauty.

    Marya x

  11. Sean often said that we were lucky to live in such a beautiful place.

  12. Marya

    And he has left a wonderful legacy of his appreciation of it with his beautiful and sensitive talent for photography.

    Marya x

    • Thank you, Marya. We hope to get some of his photos of the area framed and hang them in a public place locally as a small permanent exhibition.

      I believe some of his photos are already hanging on the walls of his old school.

  13. Marya

    That is a lovely idea, Brendan, and will be a most fitting and beautiful memorial.

    Marya x

  14. The Plunkets came to Ramor in 1583 with the Nugents. After killing a lot of Reillys they built a castle and Cromwell knocked it down.

  15. Jan

    Beautifully captured. An excellent idea to show Sean’s photographs, Brendan. They need to be shared.

  16. My cousin lives out the Virgina Rd to Kells, left hand side. I told her that was all Plunket land. She tried to impress her husband with this, luckily we are part Reilly too!

  17. Fabulous picture. Am going to email you.

  18. Longford (O’Farrells), Enniskillen (McGuires), Carrick (O’Rourkes) maybe Cahir (McCarthys).

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