Sean and television

Sean was never really a huge watcher of television, as he liked to be outdoors whenever possible, or socializing with other people. Shortly before he died he contrasted the lifestyle of himself and his friends when aged, say, between 10 and 14 with that of the current crop … the latter spend far more time on technology, he reckoned. He was glad that he’d had the outdoor life.

Having said that, there were various TV shows that he liked over the years (some of which have probably slipped my mind). He and his sister were watching The Simpsons from quite an early age (he grew to dislike it, and went back to liking it in the past year or so).

Later Sean became a fan of the comedy Peep Show series, starring David Mitchell and Robert Webb. He also enjoyed South Park and Scrubs. He always liked and admired Frasier, and particularly the Martin Crane character. In recent months he had watched several series of a low-budget US comedy called Trailer Park Boys – he got his mum and me to watch one episode (Sean was always a proselytizer for the things he was enthusiastic about – he liked to share).

I think the TV programme that meant the most to him in the course of his life was a drama rather than a comedy – Skins. He used to watch it a few years ago, in his school days, and loved the first series or two – all the characters were changed afterwards and it wasn’t as good, according to Sean.

It was about the lives of a group of teenagers in England. The actors were all amateurs and unknowns, and the writers were young. Sean felt that it was very realistic and well done, and I think he identified with it in terms of his group of friends at school and the experiences they were having.

Sean made an excellent ‘mix’ CD a few years ago that included Vanessa Carlton’s ‘White Houses’ – a song that features in Skins. I have a memory of driving into Virginia with him, past the turn-off for Bailieborough, with this song playing; Sean was talking about Skins and what it meant to him.



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12 responses to “Sean and television

  1. Cymbeline

    Hello Brendano. I very seldom watch television, and I spent the best years of my childhood with very little technology indeed – no telephone, no TV, not even 24 hour electricity, water that had to be hand-pumped from a rainwater tank etc. I spent my life barefoot, in trees or in the bush. I am glad that I had that sort of life as a child, and I thus understand what your son meant in the opinion of his you quote above.

    However, we are part of the times in which we live. I am glad that he enjoyed some TV programmes. He wanted to share what he liked with you, his parents – that is the sign of a united family, a real family.

    • Hello Cymbeline … thank you. Yes, we were a real and united family. I thought we were lucky and blessed. It took three or four seconds for that idea to be revised drastically on 17 October. But I don’t want to sound self-pitying, as I am not. We still have a real, though smaller, family.

      Two months today since Sean died (although the clock has crept past midnight, so it’s really the 18th). Eleven years today since we moved into this house.

  2. Cymbeline

    You never sound self-pitying. The shock you had was terrible beyond words. Every day since that shock, you have shown what a good and strong man you are.

  3. papaguinea

    Wow – Sean looks to be a real charmer here! Explosive girls with a real cool dude. The dream your daughter had must have given her a lot of comfort and who can begrudge Sean if indeed he is “having a blast”. Perhaps it is typical of Sean’s kindness that he steps of his Glory Train to pass a message to his sister. Surely Sean is/was an angel. A messenger. It is a wonderful dream your daughter has had.

  4. Hello, PG. Yes, Sean’s school friends tell us that he was always the one who was charming and popular with the girls. Boys loved him too. I doubt there was anyone that disliked him.

    Yes, we all found Susanna’s dream comforting. In it he said he would see us soon. Not too soon, I hope! 🙂

    We managed to get to the church through the snow for choir practice last night … I’m quite looking forward to the Christmas service tomorrow.

  5. What was it he wrote to year book? Irresistable male? 🙂

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