For Susanna Malone Wingenroth

Susi, I’m not sure whether you’ve seen this photo of you, Sean and me in 2006. I hope you won’t mind my posting it here.



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7 responses to “For Susanna Malone Wingenroth

  1. Perhaps your Dad took this and you sent it to us … I can’t remember now.

  2. Cymbeline

    Greetings to Susanna Malone Wingenroth.

    There are some extraordinary things to do with time going on. This lady – who shares the same name as your daughter – traced her family’s past to the ruins in your very garden. Her private story has now become part of your past with your son – and like her family once did, he now too has left the same area of land for another world, after having helped her think about her teenage past through a song about the past.

    And all these waves of the past come rolling after each other, forward into the present, which will in its term become part of the same inter-connected past, leading on into another present.

    There is a very strong sense of the past being a living thing.

    • Hello Cymbeline. Yes, that’s very interesting … I hadn’t thought of it quite like that. There are a lot of layers and of connections.

      This Susanna and mine spell their name the same way (out of several variants) and abbreviate it the same way.

      Susanna MW’s father (who has a different form of Sean’s name, also my father’s) speculated that an ancestor from here might have fought in the Napoleonic Wars and then been employed as a ferryman on the lake that the graveyard where Sean is buried overlooks.

      Her great-great-great grandfather emigrated from Cavan to Brownsville, Pennsylvania, where the family then resided for generations. When I left her father’s book launch to get a lift home with two friends, the driver turned on the car radio. A song started immediately … it was Bob Dylan singing ‘Brownsville Girl’ (not typical radio fodder).

      Her father told me how he had once met Haile Sellasie … a very important man to Bob Marley, who was a very important man to Sean.

      I like these webs of imaginative correspondences.

  3. Koning said he hated Europe, Great Grandfathers picture next to the gas bill, that America cured a European malaise. As for Rastafarianism how plausible is/was it that Selassie was the Son of God?

  4. Isn’t this interesting?
    My father told me an interesting story about his grandfather. I will tell it later.

    I guess with baby steps you are into normal life again, so I can start my inappropriate jokes.

    You have belly there Brendan! 🙂

  5. I see that, Levent! I’ve lost it since, of course. 🙂

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