Sean … some photos of people

This is a mixed bag of photos of people taken by Sean (almost all are his friends). He himself appears in two of them.

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11 responses to “Sean … some photos of people

  1. Cymbeline

    A very nice bosom.

  2. Rainer the cabbie

    Looks a lot like the backpackers that I pick up.
    They tend to spend their time around Bondi Beach and in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.
    Most of them work and party hard. All of them want to see Australia, but lots of them get stuck in Sydney, having a good time before their visa runs out. I can’t blame them, when this place is alive it rocks.
    Most big constructions in this town have some Irish hands in them, just like New York, but unlike London, where the whole City was build up by the Irish hands.

    I had an interesting discussion today with some lads, about the impending bailout. When the point of a possible English bailout came about, we all agreed, NO WAY.
    These F.., sorry, gents, will never forget it and keep rubbing you up it about forever.

    I like the Irish kids I get in my cab, some are a bit rough around the edges, but always genuine and appreciative of my service.

    But I have to say, the lads from county woop woop are very hard to understand after a big night. Might as well speak Russian !

  3. Rainer the cabbie

    Rubbing you up about it forever.
    4.42 am., sorry.

    Who is the redheaded spunk with the beautiful smile ?

  4. Brendano, what a motley crew! A wonderful band of pirates! I particularly like the black and white photo of a guy and gal. I immediately think of the great receptions I have had from lads and lassies in Ireland, so up front, so honest, so humorous, so gracious and so brilliantly funny. I met my first gang of Irish lads in Killarney in the mid sixties. There were two or three pianists in the group and we just circuited the pubs and entertained the American tourists with songs. One or two nights I was set up to play some jazz. I remember playing “Hit the Road Jack” and a rubbish blues and one guy staring aghast, having never heard anything quite like it. The lads even set me up with a couple of mature women but I was too shy to make a move! It was over 20 years since I returned to Ireland, and each time I now return I still get a wonderful reception from the ‘lads’.

    • Thanks for that, PG. You are one of those Englishmen that ‘gets’ Ireland and the Irish, and what the place is about. There will always be a great affinity between the Irish and the English, setting aside some bigots and fools.

      McCarthy’s Bar by Pete McCarthy (RIP) is a book I would highly recommend for a humorous insight into Irish life, by an Englishman.

      Times are tough here, and the news tonight re the state of the economy, along with thoughts of Sean and perhaps the wine, has served to sadden me somewhat. I do love this country, as did Sean. Here’s to better days.

      Beating the All-Blacks tomorrow would be a good start. 🙂

      • Rainer the cabbie

        Don’t worry about the economy too much Brendan.
        Sure, the Celtic Tiger is dead and buried and the news are full of reports about financial armageddon. Soup kitchens all around, food vouchers aplenty.

        Don’t believe a word of it.

        Think about Ireland before the worlds financial community decided that there was a buck to be made.
        With due respect, Ireland was always one of the poor European countries, but did that hold you back from living a reasonable life?

        Having lots of money means nothing, often it spoils the human spirit.
        So if things go back to the way they were, is that so devastating?

        Its a long time since Angela’s Ashes were spread, so don’t fear the worst.

      • papaguinea

        Brendano and family – my greetings this Saturday morning. I will look up that book and try and get it. I shall be watching some of the rugby. They’ll be ups and downs, spills and thrills but the game goes on, the ball keeps-a-rolling, one just has to “attend”, if you get what I mean. Wine can be a good companion when sad. The dance goes on and you will have your turn again. Wishing you a good afternoon sports.

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