Forever Young

A month today, Sean. We love you.


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17 responses to “Forever Young

  1. Marya

    Good morning, Brendan .. that is a wonderful song.
    I believe Sean will be forever young and safe in eternal love.

    Marya x

    • Good morning, Marya. Thank you. The title will be on a stained-glass memorial that Pauline is making for the grave.

      As I mentioned before, it was the first song on the pub jukebox after the funeral. It was one of the Dylan ones that Sean really liked, others being ‘Blind Willie McTell’ (which he loved), ‘Shelter from the Storm’, ‘Hurricane’, ‘Seven Days’, ‘Tangled Up in Blue’, ‘Wedding Song’. More of that anon, no doubt.

      In this version Dylan omits the last of the three verses, which is a pity.

      • Marya

        Hello Brendan … those words, so poignant now, will be most appropriate for Pauline’s labour of love .. it will be a beautiful commemoration for him.

        ‘ May you grow up to be righteous
        May you grow up to be true
        May you always know the truth
        And see the light surrounding you
        May you always be courageous
        Stand upright and strong
        May you stay forever young
        Forever young, forever young,
        May you stay forever young’


        ‘Tangled up in blue’ has always appealed to me ..

        Marya x

        • Thanks, Marya. Yes, ‘Tangled up in blue’ is one of my favourites … I used to sing it a lot. There are very different lyrics and verses in different versions Dylan has done, which appeals to me too … nothing is set in stone.

  2. Cymbeline

    I spend a lot of time thinking about time and what it is. The subject is often a source of great anguish for me, but not always.

    Nobody and nothing can take away the life your son had. Nothing and nobody can take away what has been. It cannot be touched or soiled or damaged or changed. It is there forever, and yes your son is forever young and unchangeable, as is your love.

  3. Thank you, Cymbeline. The past month has been the strangest and worst of my life, and has made me think a lot, as the arbitrary nature of death has moved from the semi-detached realm to 100% undeniable reality. I don’t know how it will affect me in the long term … at this stage I mainly just miss Sean and imagine him still being around.

  4. Cymbeline

    I have always been struck by your capacity for happiness, and as I have said before, that is a glittering gift of gold, not given to all. I certainly do not possess it. Although I never knew your son, I can tell that he shared your gift, the gift of enjoying life as it is happening. The present. I have spoken of your poetry in this respect too.

    That gift is a form of permanency which transcends death and time, and because of its nature, it can never be fossilised.

  5. Thanks, Cymbeline. I remember that you said that about my poems.

    I backed out of the poetry reading I was supposed to be participating in … the organizer understood; she had last spoken to Sean while he was working during the Fleadh. ‘He was so beautiful’, she said.

    I was asked to take part in another poetry event, but declined under the circumstances. The idea is that three poets (I use the term loosely) each write a poem about a different wine, and the audience tries to guess which wine is which.

  6. JR

    Our thoughts are with you on this day 1 month later.
    Regards to Pauline and Susanna.
    Take care.
    Call me if you feel like a chat in the old fashioned sense of the word.

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